BrickFest: Who's Got Plans for It?

Besides myself, I know that Doug (shootinbricks) is registered for BrickFest and I believe I've seen a mention that Jared (Mystic Studios) is planning to be there. Also Todd will be there, of course, running the Competition and Festival.

Anyone else planning to attend BrickFest in the flesh this year? Was wondering if we would get to see anything of Jason during the weekend.

Also, has anyone volunteered to do any kind of "Animation 101" Presentation? I thought that both of the sessions conducted last year were really well done - any of you guys planning to do it again? If not I was thinking that I might take a shot at it since I'm fairly portable now with my camera, laptop pc and even a cd burner I could bring along to make copies of any animation that's created during the weekend.

I'm also wondering if there will be any other opportunities for showing off animation besides the competition and the festival. I'm not planning on doing any exhibits this year but was thinking about setting up the Brickelodeon laptop theatre and showing a bunch of BrickFilms like I did for the RichLUG train show back in the Spring.

I also know that a lot of the rooms that BrickFest events take place in have Television/VCR combos or even projection screens. So I was thinking it would be cool to have a couple of VHS videotape collections that could be running non-stop in places like the building room.

So anyone else have any plans/thoughts about the weekend?