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    RP Hoogle

    I’ve just been having some ideas. Night Owl said that he would like it if MoB was ran as if it was more a festival than a contest. I was just thinking what if brickfilmers who were planning long high quality films aimed to release it around the same time. This wouldn’t have much of a real benefit but it would almost be like the summer blockbuster season. These are just scrambled ideas I’m not sure where I’m going with them. Do you have anything to add?

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    Matt Gillan

    “prof1515″ wrote: I’ve also been curious as to why many of the marquee names in brickfilming avoided MoB.

    Well I think a lot of the big names were already particapting in other projects or contests. Also the prospect of dedicating such time to one film, for a year, could be quite dawnting to some people.

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    I wanted to enter MoB, and wrote three different screenplays for it, so personally I wasn’t really “avoiding” it. But all the ideas I had were very ambitious and I had not left myself enough time to complete any of them, and then the Star Wars LEGO contest came up with a really good prize and I got sidetracked. The two films I currently have in the pipeline aren’t intended for any particular contest (one of them will probably be entered into FAR) as I’ve become a little burned out on contests. But if there were something open ended like MoB and the timing worked for me I would certainly try to enter the second film into that.


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    Apart from other brickfilming contests and school, I just never came up with a decent idea in time.


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