BrickFilmer Tutorials!

TUTORIALS! ====================== What is FPS? FPS is Frames Per Second The Higher The FPS, the Faster your pictures will play. ====================== What FPS should I use? For Brickfilming, I would use 15. Here Are Some Other Choices: 12, Easy to make, Choppier 15, Balance between Effort, and Quality 24, Hard, Very Smooth ====================== What Camera Should I Use? It all depends. If you are on a cheap budget, use a Logitech Webcam, If you have alot of money to spend, I would use a Camera, Like A Canon, Nikon, FUJIFILM, etc. With a camera, i HIGHLY recommend a tripod. ====================== Software? Mac: IStopmotion, DragonFrame, FrameByFrame, PC: Stopmotion Pro, DragonFrame, ( I use a Mac, so I don't know a lot about PC software) ====================== Lighting? You need a DARK room. NEVER use natural light. Use 3 Lamps, One On the Left, one on the Right, and One in the Back. ======================