Brickfilmers, lend me your ears!

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night. I'm LegosJedi, and, as many of you know, I'm running for Minister of Filming Resources.

This forum, this community of people with a common interest are made up of many different people, different cultues, different opinions, and, of course, different Operating Systems. As such a community, we need to be treated like one. Yes, I know I a running for Minister of Filming Resources, and not for Minister of Discussion, but with the Resources page, I can do that. I can treat the community as many people, many cultures, many opinions, and many Operating Systems.

As of now, the resources page is old, out of date, and unmaintained. Sure, it still has some good resources in there, but it's not as resourceful as what a Resources page should be! With me in charge, you can expect updates!

Many people say that the Resources page and the Encyclopedia need to be merged. Why? Because the both contain the same thing? One contains tutorials and software on the actual animating, editing, voice recording, etc., aspect of brickfilming, while the other containt tutorials and software for making special effects, 'digital bricks', etc. The two shouldn't be merged! They should be left seperated. Sure, they both contain some of the same things, but I aim to make the Resources page a page for newbs to turn for help, and a page for experienced filmers to make their brickfilms better. Now, I won't cut all digital apsects out. I will be more focused on adding new elements such as software, and software reviews, camera reviews, etc. All submitted resources will be combed over for spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. However, if all a resource does it say, "TEH QUCKCAM 500 SUX!!!!111!!! NO MANUL FOCS!!!!11!1!", it will be rejected. Only quality resources will be accepted. I will appoint aides who work with a variety of Operating Systems and software to help me in this task.

If I am elected as Minister of Filming Resources, the Resources page will get a face lift, as the orginazation will be changed. Resources will be divided by Operating System, by program type, and by freeware/paid. This provides organization for us, and easy searching for you.

If I am elected Minister of Filming Resources, I will listen to all opinions about what resources need to be included on this page, and how the page can be improved. Found a program that has been overlooked? Send it to me. Several forms of communication will be implemented, so you should have no problem at all in contacting me.

This page needs to be taken seriously. I plan to. Thank you.