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    I was pleasantly surprised at the positive response my poll received regarding a new Brickfilms contest soon. In response, I went ahead and launched the contest….NOW. Check out the events page for all the details.

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    I’ll be there if I have to steal my dads laptop and ride my bike over to our cable providers office.

    See you there!


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    Saturday at 4 PM Denver = Satuday at 4 PM MDT = 2200 GMT

    GMT means Greenwich Mean Time, which is the time at the Prime Meridian. While it’s 2200 there, it’s 1600 in Denver, and 1800 on the East Coast of the USA. MDT is Mountain Daylight Time, which is GMT less six hours. Get it?

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    Um, Rev…

    I sent you a PM just a second ago but it appears that what I said is obsolete now.

    On the homepage you say the awards show will be held “Saturday at 4:00 PM Denver time,(22:00 GMT).” Then in your post here you said the awards show will be at “Saturday at 4:00 PM, MDT (22:00 GMT).” So just exactly when are the results going to be announced?? 😆

    If it’s 4pm GMT , that’ll make it 6pm EST. I’ll be there. If it’s 2200/10pm GMT, that’ll make it midnight here. I think I’ll just wait till the morning…

    So can you clear this up?

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    Lieberman Bros.

    Don’t worry about the flamewar and for recording i would if i knew how. Im pretty sure Rev will record it.

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    Oh, no !
    I had dreamt of an award show, but I won’t have the possibility to connect during the whole week-end. 😥
    I’ll see the results Sunday. 😳
    Could anyone “record” the chat ?

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    I don’t think the award show will turn into a flame war if you aren’t going to be there…

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    what if we can’t be there? what if the award show turns into a flame war? what if the chatroom had too much people that it like screwed up?

    sry, but i can’t be there. can you postpone it to like sunday afternoon er something if its possible?

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    I am planning on having an awards show in the chat room Saturday at 4:00 PM, MDT (22:00 GMT).

    If you’re having trouble figuring out when that is your time, look here:

    I am in Denver, which is on the list.

    I can finally announce the winners and get those prizes on the way.

    The voting deadline is 28 hours away and I am still missing votes from:

    drunken farmer ben
    kowarama skip
    strongest of the weak

    Remember, if you entered the contest and you don’t vote, you will lose 10 points in each category.

    Hope to see many of you there Saturday (or Sunday, as the case may be).

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    “RevMen” wrote: I’ve been thinking of going along the lines of Cliffhangers/Action/Adventure, but it will be a while before the next contest, so there’s plenty of time to think about it. There are plenty of contests available off of Brickfilms, I don’t want to flood the market.

    For now let’s concentrate on getting this one finished so I can send these prizes off to their deserving owners. They’ve been sitting in my living room for weeks now!

    How crappy, take my contest idea away from me! 😛


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    David West

    A thriller/suspense contest would be cool also.

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