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    It’s not live action, which is a nice change, but it’s not a new film either. This is a brickfilms promo I’ve put together as a nice snappy way of introducing people to our art.

    Promo (DivX 5.0.3, 40 sec, 3.5MB)

    It’s presented here so that (a) anyone who wants their film removing from it has a chance to say so and (b) anyone who wants to supply a better quality clip can do so.

    Please don’t complain if I haven’t included your film – I’ve had a dickens of a job converting all the various different file formats and some (specifically RealMedia and Quicktime) are downright impossible.

    Here’s the new one with less ROTE and more contributions from other brickfilms.

    Promo 2 (60 sec, 3MB)

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    Hi, Buxton!

    Downloading now, sounds promising. Have you looked at the FAQ? I know that Axogon Composer claims to support QuickTime files (have heard people with trouble with it, though). Tinra (this is not real anymore) can handle some versions of realmedia, though I do not know which ones.

    EDIT: I seem to have trouble playing the file, but that could be my computer. Have had this problem before, but now even opening it in VideoMach and re-rendering doesn’t amend things :(

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    I have about a 50% success rate with Tinra. I converted Gauntlet and a couple of others, but most just don’t work – it pauses for 2 or 3 minutes, then says “0 frames converted”

    I haven’t tried Axogon, but Vegas Video supports QT conversion if and only if you have the full QT pro suite installed. Proprietary file formats are the bane of my life at the moment.

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    Buxton, you probably put lot of time in it.

    Great music choice, well edited and nice out scaled all those diffrenty formats.

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    now that was cool!
    I will have to show that to my lego stopmotion class that i teach(dont jump to conclusions) at my school.
    It seems like that was a great way to introudce people to new ideas and what can be done in this very creative new way of art!
    NiCE JoB BuXtOn!
    Kindest Regards
    IndyA 😀

    Cough*look at my signature*cough

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    1. Doorway-Nick Maniatis
    2. Rise of the Empire-Jay Silver
    4. MOTESE-Bluntman
    5. Ballad of Fred-Thomas Foote
    6. SS-5 Moccassin-Patryk Wawer
    7. Ballad of Fred-Thomas Foote
    7a. SS-5 Moccassin-Patryk Wawer
    8. Out of Time-Buxton
    9. Juggler-Nick Maniatis
    10. Rise of the Empire-Jay Silver
    11. Lego studios monster preview
    12. The Gauntlet-Jay Silver
    13. Chicken Dance-Buxton
    14. Falling Out-RevMen
    15. Descension-Ben B.
    16. NightBreaker-Patryk Wawer
    17. MOTFADWEWAR-Bluntman
    18. Lego studios monster preview
    19. Rise of the Empire-Jay Silver
    20. My New Computer- Pat Mahoney
    21. Rise of the Empire-Jay Silver
    22. Also Thwacked Zarathustra-Thomas Foote

    The blanks I couldn’t pull off the top of my head.

    EDIT: At first, I had wanted to put my idea on the page that the community as a whole is under-represented in your promo-I just couldn’t phrase it right.


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    16. Nightbreaker

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    guitar man

    That was pretty cool, was I the only one who thought the music sound like dogs? 😀

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    Brian of Gep

    *shows it to all his friends*


    Man, it doesnt work for me. It freezes (just the video) on the Star Destroyers. Anyone else run into this? Is this the same thing u experienced wandrer?

    Never mind. Downloaded latest divx and all is good :) . Nicely done. This was an excellent idea. I also thought the music sounded a little like dogs barking.

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