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    Clearly a lot of care and effort went into it (just like all his other projects).

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    The Janitor

    Very nicely done, Buxton. This was an excellent idea and you executed it wonderfully. It should certainly be made easily avaliable to anyone that visits this site. A great representation of brickfilms, and in just 40 short seconds. Very appealing. Well done.

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    Thanks guys.

    7 is another shot from The Ballad Of Fred. 3 was a walking test someone did, but I can’t remember who or when. I had a quick scan of the old forums but couldn’t find it. Also, the first Bluntmation is MOTESE and the second is MOTFADWEWAR.

    The song is “Mad Dog” by Elastica, so I think the dog thing is intentional. I’d have preferred it without the dog noises, but the rest of the music fit the animation too well for me to go looking for something else.

    I’d appreciate it if nobody linked to it just yet as it’s on my personal web space and I’m getting close to my bandwidth limit. I’ll wait a little longer to see if anyone (Hali or Bluntman in particular) wants their characters taken out, then I’ll upload the 640×480 version to brickshelf.

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    That was great! (always nice to see your own films used in this POSITIVE way) and a cool advertisement for us all.

    If anything I’d watch out when using the spite your face monsters set clips. I say this becasue they weren’t released through, but through official lego channels and paid for by the lego group.

    Do you see my point?

    great work


    EDIT: Re: bluntman’s comment below. Heads up would have been nice. I film everything in uncompressed avi, so i could supply avi clips on demand too.

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    Nice Job, very snappy editing, and well chosen clips.

    dun DAMN, that’s one wacky-ass piece of music. – sounds like a theme song from a nickelodian cartoon or something.

    and I would have appretiated a heads up first, y’all know how protective of my “brand” I am, but in this instance I have no problem with you using clips from my movies. – and no steaming revenge will be fourthcomming. – had you contacted me first however, I could have provided avi’s of clips from my other, prettier cs330 filmed movies.

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    DivX 5.0.3 solved the problem. It was neat! You fit the clips very well to the music. Too bad it couldn’t be any longer…

    Yours feeling slightly underrepresented,


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    On that note, I think I’m overrepresented. I appreciate the thought but you should probably use the space for other brickfilmers and widen the scope a bit.


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    Jay – you’re right. I tended to go back to ROTE when I couldn’t load something else, on account of it having a pretty varied range of shots to choose from.

    Stefan – I would have used a clip from ACCIB but I had problems loading it into Vegas. I also had problems with The Mollusk and a couple of others that I really wanted in there. I’ve found another conversion utility and I’ll give that a try tonight after work.

    Hali/Bluntman – yes, I know I should have asked first, but this was kind of a spur of the moment thing when I found myself with a couple of hours spare yesterday afternoon. If I’d waited for permission, hi-res downloads, etc. I wouldn’t have had the time to put it together. As it is now, I can slot replacement clips into the timeline fairly easily.

    And yes, you’re probably right about the Scary Movie clips. If I can get a few more films to load, I’ll take them out and make it “amateur” only.

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    i need a gf

    this promo was so everso delightful. I liked the music and he choices of movies.

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    AMSDirector’s commercial reminded me. Are we going to see another version of this promo, Buxton?

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