Recorded this list of bugs I can see from the front end of the site without going into any big search, these are just the obvious ones, I'm sure there are more. So perhaps these can be tackled, as they make the site look rather unprofessional:

Brickfilms.com Issue List

1.) No Page titles within tags.
2.) On forum based pages there is no margin at the top of the page.
3.) White bits on the logo make it look unproffesional.
4.) "BrickFilms.com" rather than "Brickfilms.com"
5.) Tutorial hover glow is darker than the rest of the links.
6.) When there is an invalid ID on the Film Directory there is no error message displayed.
7.) On the tutorial page apparently the ratings are supposed to be clicked to allow the user to rate
the tutorial. The link does nothing.
8.) On the contests page the left hand panel cuts away from the main content and it looks horrible.
9.) The footer is made of unnessicary images (3 in total) when it can be done with one.
10.) The footer image does not smoothly join up with the body background.
11.) On the contests page when there is no contest no warning is displayed, there is just no content.
12.) Bad markup.
13.) Several improvements to code efficiency and design could be made.
14.) Several members are administrators when they clearly shouldn't (for instance, "America", "Bicycle Repair Man")
15.) There are a few people who prefer the "prosilver" default design.
16.) There is a rather noticeable difference in the thickness of the outer shadow at the top of the navigation bar.
17.) Even if your logged out the side bar has links only relevant if your logged in.

You see I could volunteer to help fix all these issues and possibly more, it's good for both business and the site itself.