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    i need help creating buildings without using a billion pieces just for one

    help me please:D


    You don’t need a billion pieces. Just maybe a few thousand? I’m kidding. What kind of buildings do you want to build?

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    Well like the original like grey or brown


    I’m not very sure. How about a Lego poster with walls on it?


    Or something hand-drawn on a cardboard or posterboard.

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    no like digital ant digital way


    Ah. Green screen, I guess.

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    Google have created a beginner friendly 3D drawing program called sketchup i belive it’s free. You can easily mock up some lego like buildings.


    well, you don’t have to build the whole building for a shot. Just build the side that’s gonna be in the shot.

    If you have trouble with background, then its a different story. You can build them but not well detailed and then make them out of focus, if possible. Or you can do it the way Michael Hitchocks (I definatly wrote his name the wrong way) does : he just places a blue lego building plate to resemble the sky


    You can buy about 850 bricks in one color for about $25 online. You can then build a bunch of building facades and make a little town. Here’s the link:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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