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    LS does use a small screen thingy, your right. I know that and everyone else does. As he did say in his above post, he used Anasazi Stop Motion Animater (aka SMA) and that is how the size got bigger



    well that was nice…a new concept we have not seen a lot of ye old time movies if you get what i mean..the lighting could be much was the lego cam? because the quality was not great..the animation was good..nice job. 😀


    The Janitor

    Pretty good. I liked the sets a lot. The biggest improvements could come in lighting and camera movement, two of the biggest issues among brickfilmers, especially newbies. Actually, though, niether of these bothered me too much in this particular film, especially the camera movement. It sort of fit.The animation was pretty good, and as wandrer mentioned, you certainly acheived a very trailer-like feel. Good job.



    Hi Natethegreat,

    your problems with Anasazi can probably be mended. Although this belongs more to the hard/software section.

    In the camera settings dialogue of SMA there is an option which says compression, set it to ‘uncompressed’ or ‘full frames’ I dont know what it is exactly. There is another option which says format where you can choose between two different ‘flavours’ set it to the other one. After doing these setting things worked for me.

    by the way do you have version 1.1 installed?




    I guss it could be the older version. I don’t know when I got it. As for my films, that was my first one, and i was very inexperienced. I do have a good camera now, and am working on a music video for ‘the middle’ by jimmy eat world. does anyone know a good program I can use to compile all the stuff together with? Right now I’m using Windows Movie Maker, which works great except that it saves movies in a not so great quality wmv file



    sorry i probly should have put that in the software section.



    Hey everybody!
    Does anyone think it’s worth it to redo the full version of this with my better camera? Or should I just forget it and start something else. I still have the old sets.
    Cya! 😛

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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