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    Minister of Filming Resources (currently MindGame) – Responsible for the brickfilms Resources page. This Minister should have decent HTML skills and significant knowledge of brickfilming. Will be expected to keep articles on the resources page relevant and up-to-date. Hopefully new articles will be provided with some regularity, including interviews and hardware or software reviews. Interaction with the Minister of Truth and Minister of Information is expected, to keep all informational areas of the site in agreement.

    If you would like to run for this position, declare your intention to do so in this thread by nominating yourself.

    If you support someone who has nominated themself in this thread, you can second them. Any person who nominates themself and receives 4 seconds will be added as a candidate in the election.

    You may second only one person per position. If you nominate yourself, you may not second anyone. In other words, there should only be at most one post from each person in this thread.

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    I would like to nominate myself. :)

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    I, Watson, am running for this position. Evidence of my wild l33t coding skills, as well as my thoughts on the position can be seen in my campaign thread.

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    I am running for the Minister of Filming Resources.

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    Mr. Less

    I second Watson.

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    Aled Owen

    I second LegosJedi.


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    I have decided to drop out seeing that it would be too much for me, I have many things to work on.

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    I second LegosJedi.

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    I second Watson, simply because I like his idea of integration of resources with the wiki.

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    I nominate myself for the position of Filming Resources. Info here

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 26 total)

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