Casting Call

Hello all, I am doing a brickfilm titled LEGO Batman: Building On and it should be released sometime soon. All I need are some voices for characters that are only seen for only seconds in the video (very minor roles). Commissioner Gordon – preferably the one from ’89 Batman. (12 lines) Henchman #1 - (4 lines) Henchman #2 - (1 line) Henchman #3 - (1 line) Henchman #4 (Johnny) - (1 line) Circus Announcer - (2 lines) Police Officer #1 - (2 lines) Officer #2 - (1 line) Officer #3 - (1 lines) —and that’s all. If you’re interested just let me know and give me your email so I can send you the script. And when the video comes out you’ll be credited for the voice you did of course!