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    Celtx is a script righting software that is AWSOME! If you have a character that’s name you get tired of typing Celtx can remember the name and when you type the first letter, it has a drop down to show the most likely character names. It can do Scenes and Actionsand like I said Character names. If anyone is interested Here is the http://www.celtx.com/download.html

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    Celtx is already widely used by the community. This thread isn’t necessary. Use the search tool before posting something like this.

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    Im writing a script for my video called, “Hanged, Shot, Killed!”

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    Final Draft for me.

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    I use Celtix, it is very nice.
    I suggest that you use it, if you are stuck for script writing software.

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    I use Windows Word haha.
    But maybe this is something for me.

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    Celtx is great. I actually know one of the makers of it.

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    Talking about CeltX, they finally released version 1.0 a couple of days ago! :D

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    are you serious? can you get me a link to the download thing?

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