Well, on a Star Wars board I sometimes check, a person had a really great idea for a thread. He posted a shot from one of the two prequel movies every day, and then had others post their insights into the cinematography of that shot. I figured that that would be perfect here, as it could really help some of us to focus a bit more on cinematography and shot composition, which is very important in film. Ever since that thread, I personally have been paying much more attention to composition (we watched Jesus Christ: Superstar in our religion class; all I could do was focus on the cinematography).

So, here are the rules: I (and only I, for those trolls out there) will post a new image every day. You may look at the image and comment on its shot composition, lighting, color, and anything else related to cinematography. You're also allowed to comment on your feelings of the scene, such as any problems you had with the dialogue, if you thought it was an unnecessary scene, if you thought it was a brilliant scene, etc. But please try to comment on the cinematography; I don't want this to turn into one massive review thread.

So, since this is dealing with the best cinematography of current brickfilms, I think we can all agree that there's no better film to start off with than Rise of the Empire. As long as Jay has no problems with me using this beautiful image from his making of page, let's start with this one:

"The Jedi have become reclusive."

Have fun!