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    Superb work on the focus : the back is blurred although the front is really sharp.
    There is a parallel between the lighting of the foreground and background (face) with dark and light zones.
    This totally underlines the expression of the minifig : seems anxious, between dark and light.
    Another great thing is the cam angle : by putting it under the face (in France we call this angle counter-diving, I don’t know the english translation), it underlines the feelings of the character and adds a dramatic effects. Without knowing the story, without words, just with the picture, you can tell that something terrific is about to happen.
    Great work !



    Next time, see if you can get a shot from Good Company. 😉

    My review on the pic will come later, I have stuff to do, and want to think about the pic some. 🙂


    One of the first things I notice is that the screen is divided; that is, half of the screen is bright, clear blue sky; and the other half is a dark, menacing hallway… as if showing the hard desicion of which path to take that anakin is struggling over. 😉

    The other thing I notice is that Anikin isn’t in the center of the frame, that is, he is slightly to the right, as if to place emphasis on the dark hallway, more so then the blue sky.

    One last thing that really adds to this shot is how the cam is lower then Anikin, it makes him look dark and menacing, almost as if he was Vader himself…

    That’s all I have to say. A great shot!



    Next time, see if you can get a shot from Good Company.

    That’s what I’m trying to do. 😉

    Good replies so far. And minifigstudios, you can say nice all you want, I don’t mind. Though it’s lighting, not lightning. 🙂




    My impressions:

    Another great shot. I love the lighting, even though I would have thought a dark red or even night shot would be more dramatic, I think the blue sky looks good. Really great picture. Barely any animation in this scene, yet it is probably my favorite of all of them. I also LOVE the focus. The background is blurred so much that it doesn’t look like LEGO; it looks like the actual set from the actual movie.

    As Yolegoman said, there is less blue than there is grey. And Anakin is in the middle. If he steps to the right, towards the blue sky, he will accept the Jedi and follow the good path. If he steps to the left, towards the darker hallway, he will abandon the Jedi and follow the dark path. Anakin is right in the middle, so is in the position to make a huge decision. The only problem is that there is more dark than there is light, so he feels more compelled to head for the door.

    And another cool thing I just noticed: There is the dark bricks surrounding the bright window. The dark side is enveloping everything. This is big stretch to think that was intentional, and is deeply rooted towards Star Wars, but again, it doesn’t matter. You notice something like that, most likely a coincidence, go ahead and say it.

    That’s all I have to say about that.

    Shot for April 29, 2003:

    I REALLY wanted to get a shot of GC. I found the perfect shot to discuss camera angle and its impact on characters and relationships. The only problem is that I’m an idiot and don’t know how to properly take a shot from a movie file such as RM. If someone (most likely Hali, since he does it for the updates) knows how to get a screenshot, then I’ll be very thankful. Explain it in this thread or PM me.

    So, we’ll have to go with just a purty shot. It’s not very symbolic or anything, but it shows off very good symmetry. Fans of Bluntman should all ready guess what film I’m thinking of. And yes, it just happens to be a SW related film. Sorry.

    Shut it, Newb!




    As Cometgreen said, this shot has good symetry. The symetry shows the empire’s orderliness and strictness. I also like the way that the veiwers attention is drawn to the gaurds by their red clothing, which stands out from the background. The open, stationary sections of the sets further cause the viewer’s attention to be pulled to the gaurds.



    Is it written lighting? Well. Then I learned something today too. Not bad.

    With too much nice it became a bit un-nice, so I tried to stay away from it. 🙂

    The picture.
    It has a nice symmetry and that’s something I like. All the action happen incide that angel so it’s important that it works well, and it does. When I see the picture alone I think the camera should have been lifted a bit up, but the height is important when it comes to one of the points with the movie.

    Can I find a deeper meaning? Not really. The colourscheme is nice. You wouldn’t have got the same effect with those white Star Wars people. Red is a colour that draws your attention.



    Post a working image, shall we?

    Oh and Bluntman, if you want me to delete the pic from by brickshelf account, say so, it’s just that geocities = no hotlinking. 🙁


    Using the back of the Republic Gunship certainly made an interesting effect for this shot, I don’t know about the technic pieces and lime green, but then you all know this was a spur of the moment project. :roll

    The symmetry is good, I guess, an all around okay shot, but nothing stepacular about it. *Shrugs*

    Really, it’s what happens in the next shot that makes everything bust out… *LOL ROFLOL*



    As previously said, the symetry is a good effect in this shot BUT I regret that one third of the pictures is made of grey ground, it reduces the power of the images and increases the distance between the viewer and the guards thus making them less menacing.
    I’ve got several ideas to fix that.
    First idea (my favorite) : put the cam a little closer. We will see less ground and a little more the guards and the interior of the shuttle. Drawback : we won’t see anymore the outside of the shuttle.

    Second idea : put a sky cam that point on the entrance. We will see less ground and the rear of the shuttle. Drawback : this kind of viewpoint is often related to someone’s view : a bird, an observer hidden in the branches of a tree,… Something has to happen FROM this view. And if there is a dramatic effect near the guards or from the interior of the shuttle, we will hardly see it.

    Third idea : Put the cam right against the ground, quite close to the entrance and the guards (like in the first suggestion) and make it point a little up to the sky. This way, the guards are more menacing. We can achieve a great effect by putting the cam very close and use a wide-focal lens to have a slight fish-eye distortion.

    Other critic : the light looks artificial / undramatic. In this kind of view, you can greatly increase the effect by adding some lights. In the shuttle for example. I’ve had some wonderful results with LED or Lego lightings. I’ll post some pics in some days.

    Anyway there is less need for super framing / super lighting when it’s a comedy (I mean less than adventure, horror, scifi movies)

    Just my 2 cents.



    Or he could have made it widescreen, lowweek. 😉



    Good point Yolego !
    It’s so straightforward that I didn’t think of it ! 😳
    Dumb be ! Need to sleep …. 😆

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