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    Rod looks detached from the scene, an outsider. Not placing him in the middle but rather at the side, allows for more detail in the background.


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    The Janitor

    My favorite aspect of this shot is the depth. We can see part of a chair in the foreground, Mike and Geoff, part of the wall behind them, the hallway, the door, and outside. This makes for a very pleasing and realistic shot.

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    As the Janitor already have pointed out, the use of depth is really nice. I also like how Mike and Geoff are placed in the picture. Another thing is that you can see that it’s quite sunny outside. There are a comfortable and warm light coming through the window and the door. I don’t really know if the reflection of the window on the wall was supposed to be there, but it livens the otherwise boring wall a bit up.

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    The shot with the spacemen in it:

    I think it could have been composed better. A cheesy way to do this would be to follow the rule of thirds ( for it). I think the camera should go in a bit and have the spacemens’ heads along the upper third.

    If I had shot this movie 😛 (heh), I would have tried to put the background out of focus. You can do this by pulling your camera out and zooming in. Opening up the iris also helps, but your camera may not allow this. Getting a camera with larger CCDs also helps :)

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    This is a really great shot.

    Framing: I’d agree that there’s a little too much headroom but I think it’s the lesser of a few evils – chopping them all off right at the ankles would be too distracting and zooming out to show their feet and all would have been too unconnected. This way there’s a sense of real character.

    Composition: This is where this one really shines. Shooting on a diagonal to the building behind them gives a great feeling of depth to the shot (especially where using Lego bricks lends itself much more easily to right angles and dead-on setups). Leaving just a hint of the time-travel machine keeps the atmosphere alive during a fairly talky scene.

    The way the three figs are setup gives a sense of crowding around in friendly curiousity and the slightly arched backs a heroic quality. Shooting from this height and so close to a Mike/Geoff POV angle really makes the introduction here connect with the audience. It works really well with the somewhat bombastic voice of the leader. The only thing that would have done more here (and it would be hard for the red guy in particular, being a minifig) would be having all three pairs of eyes looking at the same place, slightly to the right. (And is it just me or does the white guy seem shorter than the others?)

    Lastly, the background. It’s not distracting and in fact helps the foreground stand out more using light and shadow. The ship keeps the white guy from disappearing into the wall behind him and the leader’s head pops out because of the shadow that runs past. Great stuff! The only guy who loses a bit is the red one – he’s lost a bit in the clutter of the windows.

    What a great movie.


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    The engine immediately captures the attention of the viewer. There’s quite a strong “this will never get done” feeling written all over it. Focus could have been a bit better, though. Another excellent shot!


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    I love the way that the scene is cluttered the way a real garage is, and to make it look cluttered using legos is an achievement all in itself! Makes the place seem ‘lived in’ and adds depth to the story.

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    just to respond to wandrer:

    I was a bit shocked by the focus of this still too! I’ve just been back and watched that bit of the realmedia version and it isn’t AS noticeable, due to the movement and compression, but it isn’t as good as I’d like. (I’m about to decompress the uncompressed source .avi files to check the qual of the source now!)

    back to the discussion,


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    Thats a bit dark but thats the effect. If you fluffed a pillow right on your set then turn all the lights off besides the one in the window, you would be able to see the light land on the (coffin?). I like this picture though, it’s like a haunted church or a castle in Lord of the Rings.

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    As unfoldingmetal said, that pic is a bit dark. It’s very good at portraying what it was supposed to. The room looks abandoned, however, there’s a certain feeling that it, in some way has or will have occupant(s). The lighting is very well done, besides being to dark in some areas. The window in the top right hand corner, added a nice little touch, but I would have liked it to be more illminated, and casting shadows over the room.

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