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    I have an idea! Every once in a while, we could go to old chat for Concept: Adventure!
    Here’s the URL:
    I’ll check the boards regularly, and let’s schedule an old chat session.



    “AlexChaplen” wrote: I decided that going after the Ark or the Holy Grail or the Idol of Fertility is meh. As well as the Fountain. We are looking for our own creations, guys.

    I have to disagree with you here. I think the name recognition of a known mythical object is important, among other reasons, because we won’t have to take time to explain the created object’s backstory, what it is, and why it’s important. We say Fountain of Youth, and every viewer (not just established Brickfilms members, c.p. the Charazard thing) knows exactly what we’re talking about.

    Like the chat idea, but there’s no way we’d be able to find a time that works for more than three or four of us. Until a consensus has been reached on who the main coordinator(s) is/are, let’s hold off on that.



    OK, I agree. But if people check in old chat regularly, maybe we can work it out.
    I think we can explain the object’s backstory. Staff of Moses, for instance, can be explained simply by saying when someone raises it, the holder’s army wins. I’m saying that if the Hammer of Thor was done already, forget about the Ark, Idol of Fertility and the Holy Grail. Now, as for he Fountain, okay, we could do that. But, you see, as a Christain, I believe there’s a reason Man has mortallity. I think the hero should be mortal, kinda like Batman. Not exactly Batman, but you get the point. If he’s mortal, everyone in the world can be somewhat similar to him.
    New Name: I read “Calvin & Hobbes” just now and read one of Calvin’s “Tracer Bullet” adventures. How about: Jack Bullet? 😎



    Just a little thing to point out: I would discourage using the old chat. It was put out of use for a reason. If you need help setting up a forum let me know and I’ll help find one for this project, but I advice against using the old chat.



    Alrighty, Lech. I do need help. Mr.Lemons thinks we need a message board, I agree 100%.
    To TheNoodle26: I’m not saying the Fountain’s lack of existence destroys that. I’m saying I think the hero should remain mortal. And i’m not saying let’s make a religious reference. I’m saying that as a Christain, that’s how I feel about immortallity. And who thought up of a newswriter? Hmmm. I like the idea of him working for a museum much better. Oh well.



    Why not have a no win situation at the end of the movie, the Hero is cornered where the fountain is, he knows he has been tricked / tracked to where the fountain is, but he can’t let the evil guy get to the fountain, so he blows it up rather then let the evil guy become immortal. In the confusion of the resulting explosion the hero slips away to freedom and the evil guys are wiped out.

    That leave the Hero mortal and free to appear in a sequel.



    That’s cool, si665. I think that his religion should remain unclear, so, for example, if a Christain is watching it, he’ll think, “He’s a cool Christain.” Same goes with Jews, Catholics, Mormons, etc.



    “AlexChaplen” wrote: That’s cool, si665. I think that his religion should remain unclear, so, for example, if a Christain is watching it, he’ll think, “He’s a cool Christain.” Same goes with Jews, Catholics, Mormons, etc.

    Catholics and Mormons are Christians.



    In the original-original idea I had for this where the Nazis obtain on old English book written by a necromancer during the Hundred Years War, the ability of it was to reanimate the corpses of armies past. Hence the name of it The Book Of Death (which may be extremely overdone :lol:). It then gave the power to whoever welt it, the armies of the dead. And Of course the Nazis get a hold of it and attempt to bring it to Westishire (a fictional place in Britain).

    However the hero then gets a job to get the book back and bring it back to the museum before they do. Essentially making it a race to find the book, in various parts of the world (the exotic settings we could have). But with his head full of archaeological knowledge he manages to obtain it before the Germans. Unfortunately they later capture him and steal back.

    They then succeed in raising the armies. However the only way to stop the army is to destroy the book. Thus, making it a no real win situation. The Nazis don’t get there army and the hero didn’t get his artifact.

    That is what I had in mind. I just wanted to share and see what you all thought.



    Badger, want to weigh in?

    Yes, I’d like to.

    I really encourage the use of something other than the Fountain of Youth as of now. I just don’t think it will work in our current situation. The only way I think it would work is if we had Soviets, and then it’d have to be in the 50s, which won’t happen.

    If we replaced the Soviets with some other group we made up, it’d completely ruin everything. Today, everybody’s rooting for the bad guy. The bad guy’s cool, you know? People won’t want to root for the Soviets. If we introduce a new fictional group, they won’t care. If the bad guy wins, they don’t care. They aren’t going to be really pushing to see the good guy come on top.

    Mr. Lemons, I really like that idea. And maybe we could even change it around so what you guys were thinking of before, like the museum could be the bad guys?

    But once again, I’d like to apologize for wanting the fountain out, but I think it’d be best. I’d actually like to make a Brickfilm using the idea. So once again, I’d appreciate it if you tried to avoid it.

    (Don’t hate me 🙁 )

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