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    Well Badgerboy’s obsession with the Soviets has reason.

    Obsession? You make me sound like brianfast :P

    But yea, Eddie’s right.

    There is no reason my the Fountain of Youth can’t be used in a 1930’s setting or any other decade.

    That is true, but what I’m saying is that I don’t want the idea to be used if a real group isn’t involved. If we could work a non Nazi 1930s group into the equation, I’d be all for it, once again. If anybody has anybody suggestions for this group, please say it, because Mr. Lemons said he liked the idea, it just didn’t fit into the 1930s. From what I understand, Mr. Lemons would accept the idea if it would work in the 1930s. Is that correct, Mr. Lemons?

    And Mr. Lemons isn’t hindering the growth of the project, the only thing that would be able to hinder it in any way is the 1930s era, but ways are being worked around it. If I thought Mr. Lemons was trying to have complete and utter control, I wouldn’t be helping this project.

    So as of right now I see three possible scenarios for the film:
    -My original 1950s idea only reworked into the 30s with a real villain group
    -Mr. Lemons recent “zombie” idea.
    -The museum is the bad guy who sends the hero on a quest (its several pages back).

    I like the first (mainly because its been developed the most) and third the most.

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    Sorry then, my apologies. And I agree the 1930s era is a good era.

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    Mr. Lemons and I have agreed upon a plot. I think most of you will be happy.

    After a (relatively short) discussion with Mr. Lemons, we have decided to use my fountain/soviets idea, only without the soviets, and its in the 30s.

    We have narrowed it down to two villains, either Japan (might not be so good because of the distance) or a wealthy business man who makes his own army (I am willing to do this because I like the idea) similar to what si665 said.

    Input would be great for the villains, and anything you think would be great for the plot. Remember, its everything we’ve developed so far, only with the Soviets replaced and it taking place in the 30s.

    For your convenience, here is my original idea. For everything since then, check the last few pages.

    The date is Feb. 27 1953.
    “Montana” (I like this name that Alex came up with, so I’ll just use this for now because of a lack of anything better) is a newspaper writer for a city in Florida. After doing a special article on Juan Ponce de Leon and his searches for the fountain of youth (thus him gaining interest in the subject) it is discovered that his daughter, Sarah, is fatally ill. The doctors tell him that there is nothing that he can do except pray.

    But as he researches more and more on the Fountain of Youth for a follow-up article, he realizes that the fountain may very well exist. Not knowing how much time Sarah has left, he purchases some utensils (his weapons, tools, etc.) and recruits some companions and leaves to find the Fountain of Youth. At this point it is March 2nd.

    As some of you may know, Joseph Stalin (leader of the Soviets at the time) had a stroke on March 1st, 1953. Basically what follows this point is that his followers also search for the Fountain of Youth to try and save his life, along with securing it for themselves and nobody else. (I’d also just like to note that he died on March 5th, 1953). They could possibly try and follow Montana, or perhaps they already know the location and they want to race him there. Maybe I’ll think up some more details later, but I’d like to see what you guys think of these ideas first.

    Note that this is my unmodified original idea.

    Things that need to be decided:
    -How multiple animators can contribute

    Thanks for everybody’s suggestions so far, keep ‘em coming!

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    Not so sure what the rest of you think but I think the protagonist should be comical. It would defenatly be a difference from Indy since he was more badass.

    He should be kind of clumsy and funny.

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    I’d been working on an updated treatment this afternoon, based on badgerboy’s original, that replaced the Soviets with the businessman’s army and moved the setting to the 1930s. Unfortunately, it’s now 1:00 AM in my time zone and I’ve got to be at work early tomorrow, so I probably won’t be able to finish and post it until late tomorrow night… by which time several other posts will have been made that will render it null and void. But this is a community project, after all.

    “badgerboy” wrote: Things that need to be decided:
    -How multiple animators can contribute

    As far as multiple animators go, I really don’t see what’s so difficult about this. There’s going to be various city locations, the fountain itself, the base camps, several different forested locations… If each animator handles all the scenes at one or two locations, there you go. Maybe each animator won’t be creating the same amount of footage for the film this way, but let’s face it, not every animator’s skills and speed are on par with everyone else’s, either. Of course, this is the first community project I’m involved with, so I’m sure there’s some glaring errors in this logic. I would appreciate it if the established powers could at least be polite when pointing them out… :)

    As far as your other three points… while my revised treatment remains unfinished, I did complete this. Please make comments, revisions, death threats, other assorted interjections…

    [spoiler=Obnoxiously Long and Overly Detailed List of Possible Characters]Michael Harrison: Mid-forties. A well-known editorial writer for the New York Times who travels the country writing columns about various famous places and outdoor activities. He’s reached the point where he has to slow down his strenuous schedule. A bit of a bumbler to begin with, and this is only exacerbated now that he’s past his physical prime. He’s been separated from his wife for two years after being married for twelve. He has one child, his daughter Sarah.

    Sarah Harrison: Late teens. Michael’s only child, and the one thing he still has to love. Quiet, polite, the last person in the world you’d want to see fatally ill… which she is.

    Jerry Quackenbush: Mid-twenties. A grad student who works part-time for Michael. Quirky, just-this-side-of-sanity, acts before he thinks, but he’s got enough brains to bail his lack of common sense out. Usually. He can fly/drive/operate just about any vehicle ever created. Thinks (and acts like) he knows a lot of things that he actually has no clue about.

    Edwin Narbourough III: Mid-sixties. A history professor at a nearby university who helps Michael research for the newspaper articles. After learning of the planned trip, he invites himself along. He’s stubborn and refuses to admit that physically he’s well beyond the point of being able to make a strenuous trip like this one. Dead set against any and all forms of what was then modern technology (basically anything invented after about 1890, like video cameras, airplanes, cars, etc.), and always complaining to/about anyone who uses them.

    Late Addition (name dependent on as-yet undecided country of origin): Early thirties. I DON’T REALLY HAVE AS MANY CONCRETE IDEAS ABOUT THIS GUY, BUT SOMETHING LIKE: Michael attempts to secretly acquire from him something necessary for the trip that gives away his belief in the existence of the Fountain. This character, though he does provide this/these object(s), then uses this knowledge to blackmail himself into the group at the last minute for the purpose of getting a piece of the monetary benefits he expects the discovery to spawn. Detached, somewhat mysterious. He’s from the same country as the businessman and speaks their language fluently, which makes him look like a possible spy, but he comes through in the end.

    Jamie Barron: Late twenties. A female park ranger with the National Park Service who agrees to accompany the group into the interior of the Everglades. A bad phone connection along with her ambiguous name make Michael think she is a man until they meet in Florida. She’s not afraid of anything, takes no crap from anyone, and will hand out butt-kickings at a moment’s notice. I mentioned in my original description that she knew three languages, but have since thought better of it… the Spanish guys have had three hundred years to learn English, and I think the Late Addition would be a better character to handle the translations into the other army’s language.

    Anthony Peterson: Early fifties. Michael’s boss at the newspaper. Somewhat of a tightwad. He okays Michael’s trip thinking that it is purely for research, but after realizing the more selfish intentions behind it, he pulls the plug on the funding. This would be an added obstacle for the team to overcome.

    Alonso Marcos de Navarrez: A five-hundred year old in the body of a man in his thirties. He was the soldier whose journal provided Michael with the clue that sparked the trip. He and several other of De Leon’s soldiers were separated and discovered the Fountain, but have since realized their mistakes. At night, they take turns protecting the Fountain to prevent anyone else from making the same mistake they did.

    Businessman (name dependent on as-yet undecided country of origin): Early sixties. He’s made a fortune tracking down and selling old artifacts to various museums and institutions around the world. A life of over-indulgences has caught up with him, and he is now severely ill. Upon learning about the trip Michael is going to make, he guesses the real purpose and decides to send his small army to secure the Fountain for himself. Later, unbeknownst to his forces, he also travels to the region.

    Businessman’s commander (name pending on as-yet undecided country of origin): Early forties. He doesn’t always agree with his boss’s motives, and his loyalty to his boss has been put to the test many times. The money is what keeps him coming back. Maybe helps unite the two groups before his ticked-off boss shows up.[/spoiler]

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    I decided the Fountain Of Youth isn’t so bad, since no immortallity is involved. Just eternal youth. I like it. I’ll even use it for one of my main characters.
    Jack Bullet- When he was a 13-year old, he dove into the Fountain Of Youth. Now he’s 18 years old, looking for precious antiquities at a risin museum he is working part-time. Jack was very bright when he was young, and graduated college at an early age. He is good at language arts, history, foreign languages, (he learned 1 language per calendar year after age 7.) and archeology. Jack, however, is clumsy, like accidentally hitting someone when digging for a jewel. He does have a heart for putting things in his museum, and is very serious about finding artifacts, unlike his father.
    James Bullet- Jack’s father, who isn’t very serious about things that are serious. Very experienced in archeology. However, he is Jar Jar Binks compared to Jack. He actually set off a rake trap based on the old joke of someone stepping on arake and getting hit in the face. The only time he’ll “spill the beans” is when they make him smell sauerkraut.
    More biographies coming soon!

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    Yah! We finally have a base we can build off of! The Noodle26 I like the names you have come up with. I have an idea for what the group of bumbling adventurers could do when Anthony Peterson pulls the plug on funding. They could do what any group does when they need money, CARWASH! That is if we eventually wind up using your idea.

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    Alex – “Jack Bullet” is definitely out. It’s the exact same name as the main character in Darkman’s recent release The Quest for the Blood Diamond.

    As far as the rest of your character ideas, I would have appreciated it if you’d at least taken a minute to write two sentences explaining why you didn’t like mine, but that’s okay. :? Anyway, there are some things I like–the idea of the professor character being the main character’s father–and some things I don’t.

    Let’s just wait and see which character set Mr. Lemons, badgerboy, and whoever else chimes in likes more.

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    I think TheNoodle’s characters would work a lot better in this film (but then again, I think Alex’s characters were characters he was going to use in his own movie, not this CP. Is that right?)

    I think those names are great, TheNoodle26. I think we should hold off just a little longer until we start using them. Lets see what Mr. Lemons and others have to say.

    How old should the daughter be? I’m thinking around the age of six-it will be much more saddening for the audience this way.

    I’m thinking the park ranger should be a potential love interest for the hero.

    Also, is the businessman the equivalent of Joseph Stalin? The only thing I think should be changed from the idea of your character, TheNoodle, is to have him be so ill that he is in coma, and his commander does the search independently. Only later does he awaken and have one of his servants take him to his army, even though the servant doesn’t think he’s well enough.

    As far as the business man’s origin goes, I think he should speak a language that some members of this community speak. If they’d be willing to help with voice acting, I think it’d be a lot easier.


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    “TheNoodle26″ wrote: Alex – “Jack Bullet” is definitely out. It’s the exact same name as the main character in Darkman’s recent release [i]The Quest for the Blood Diamond.

    It is? I didn’t copy off of that, it was based on “Calvin and Hobbes”.
    Jack Phoenix?

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