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    Wel, I am aware that there are many different porjects out right now, so I’m in no rush to work on this but I thought I would propose it now so people could discuss the basic story.



    Nice idea the whole Egypt stuff with the mumies and sceletons is great. But I guess we need a cool plot that is easy dividable right?
    Has anyone played Rick Dangerous on the amiga I guess? Simple jump and run, but he had to avoid lots of traps and some of them were just amazing.

    Maybe we should write down ideas that belong in the genre and what should be avoided at all costs

    to get it started
    babe from hero
    secret door

    don´t do:

    cheers Arend



    To paraphrase Mr.Lemons in his argument to include Nazis: the point is that the Nazis seemed like an organization that would have done these types of archaeological and mythical research during that time (the 30s).

    The Nazis were pretty much the enemy back in the 30s and that’s how they were portrayed in the film. I can’t really think of any other enemy to have.

    Putting Nazis aside, consider it as an evil military organization seeking some mythological artifact that can be used as a weapon.

    We don’t have to have the Nazi symbol everywhere, just one place to indicate who they are is good enough.

    To quote Mr.Lemons again: It’s not the 3rd Reich that we want to portray, it’s the military.



    Or you could do the good old cannibals, but those wouldn’t have to be the major villains.


    Timothy Ratner

    I would like to animate a jungle scene. If we were to animate an opening scene what would it be like? It would be cool for the opening credits if our hero would swing on a vine then it would say “Hero” in a cool ORIGINAL logo.



    cannibals are probably one obstacle to circumvent, hero and/or evil opponents.

    I think instead of Nazis we could use some sort of diciple or maybe the vatican itself. Seeking to destroy that thing. Oh and maybe you should google Carcassonne great place to start the quest, and we could also include knights theme and such.



    cannibals are probably one obstacle to circumvent, hero and/or evil opponents.

    Circumvent? How am I supposed to know what your talking about when you use such odd words?




    Oh thanks Lech. I don’t see why they would need to be circumvented though, but thats just my opinion.



    simple exlanation:

    there are two kinds of problems the hero might encounter

    1. the bad guys.

    2. things that he has to “cirumvent” (thanks lechnology)

    Imagine a storry about a bunch of people who want to climb the everest. The montain is definitely nr. 2, but the 1. is the other bunch of people who want to get there first.

    Or spiderman fighting the goblin. Goblin = Bad guy. the cement mixer that will cement him is the obstacle that he has to overcome (cirumvent) before he can beat the bad guy.

    See there is a difference.


Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 184 total)

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