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    Yeah and the museum is about to make a tournament. As a puplicity gag they make the THAC twenty four hours archeologists competition. The adventurers are all gathered in Egypt (or where ever) and at the start of the competition they are told what to recover. And all must enter lets say the pyramid and try to get it. The advantage is that we have a simple wrapping story each filmer can have his own character and show his struggle or heroism or whatever each one wants to put in and also the end is set. Someone will win and get the price…

    We can of cause drop the THAC thing but it would also make fun about us, some self irony was never wrong … atually I find it very refreshing not to take myself to serious…



    Um, what?

    I don’t like or get it.



    me neithier? 😕




    okay we need a reason why our hero tries to get it, and a reason why the “bad guys” try to get it.

    So remember the film in 80 days around the world. That starts with a contets. They try to win a race.

    Now instead of the race there yould be a competition that a museum organises. This competition is about getting a item from a pyramid or whatever. This museum organises this competition as a public event to get more publicity. Now imagine the following simple plot:

    The museum director anounces the rules and we see a pan over all the Heros that try to get the price, we don´t have one Hero we have several, one hero for each director – get it? Each of us could make one, like the cool guy, the stupid duo, the bad guy with the secret history, the general, the kid, whatever. Than everyone of us makes 3 scenes with his characters showing them struggle to get the artifact. Some of them might die. Maybe some of them shoot each other or help each other, whatever, we just cut back and forth between the several actions and Heros. In the end one of them wins and gets the price.

    Its just an idea, I will not worry if you don´t like it, but the more ideas we have the better the plot will be whatever we do.

    Cheers Arend



    I really like this idea 😉 I hope it works, because i want to help 🙂



    I don’t know about a competition.

    Here’s what I was talking about when I quoted the plot twist.

    Indy is sent by the request of the museum to obtain an artifact. On his venture to find it, he encounters other people who seem to be seeking the artifact as well and Indy gets the impression that they have malicious intent for the artifact. He fights them off and beats them to the artifact.

    When he returns to the museum with the artifact, it turns out that the people who run the museum are the ones with malicious intent. The other people who were bested by Indy were actually trying to stop him from getting the artifact and let it fall into the wrong hands.



    Reminds me of Last Crusade, but it could work. It should also be established that the hero (we should avoid calling him Indy at all costs) has worked often for the museum, and the hero isn’t exactly the best of character either, until he learns of the museum’s deeds.

    I can see it now: a giant fight sequence in this classical museum while the hero and his sidekicks battle museum curators and their minions.


    Timothy Ratner

    How about indians? And if a ancient temple is involved,it should be built and well detailed. Should the hero be traveling in a group?



    The hero should be pretty much alone while hes fighting. However, he made need a pilot as a side kick and of corse a women he has a love intrest for.



    Just to summarize ideas, this is not the “how it should be done”:

    So the plot so far: Hero (I know we shouldn´t call him like that but as long there is no other name) is sent on a quest by a museum. Why are there other people? Maybe because the museum told also others to get the bounty (what ever it is)
    He gets the artifact, but it was dangerous and difficult and full of traps and bad guy, and he returns to the museum… He discovers that the museum is planing something evil with the artifact (how does he know, and what is it?) he fights the museums people and curators and flees with the artifact or destroys it (how?)

    Just another idea, the museum can either be a classical building like the metropolitan or in a castle, I just say that because this thing has to be built and it should have a cool atmosphere. And I also think we never had an “Indy” in a majan or inka temple and it would be something new. So I would suggest a Maya/Inka temple hidden in the jungle, and he can only get there by zepplin (as requested) as the place where he gets the artifact ?


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