Concept: Animation Class

I've been thinking about resurrecting the old Animation Class series started years ago when the new site was created for a while and saulgoode's mentioning of it during the campaigning process prompted me to really consider it.

Animation Class:

Older members are probably familiar with the first Animation Class. New members should check it out to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

There's also one made by Blunty but I can't seem to find that in the directory.

The original project is on Stefan's site, but nothing has been produced from that project for a long time now.
Animation Class PROJECT

If you browse that link, you can see the lessons I like to see made (or re-made) as well as additional lessons for today's generation of stop-motion animation art.

Stefan can still continue to run his Animation Class project. He would just have to hand it all over to me to be smashed to pieces and put back together.

If that won't happen, then consider this a "re-imagined" version of Animation Class.

Some lessons I can think of at the moment in no particular order:
  • FPS
    Set Design
    Sound design
    On set effects
    Postproduction effects
    Camera setup
    Software tutorials
My plan is to organize the lessons into categories. I'm not the person to make those arrangements.

There's been enthusiasm amongst the ministers in this resurrection.

The current focus I want on this project is discussion on what lessons should we include.

After that, we'll determine what lesson(s) to start with. Stefan's list is a good template for that.

Additionally, some points from saulgoode from the Ministry forum.
"saulgoode" wrote:
  • Start fresh. The project shouldn't be restricted in either form or function by the two previous AC films -- or by the organizational structure behind the original series.[/*]
  • Have a goal -- and express it clearly.[/*]
  • Have an outline of the end product, perhaps(!) tying together all contributions with a common component (such as an emcee or commentator, or a classroom setup with a teacher and students).[/*]
  • Be more instructional. While the first two AC films are well-made and entertaining, they seem more expository than instructional. A viewer should come away from an AC film with an understanding (and inspiration) of the specific animation techniques and technology that were covered.[/*]
  • Provide "sign-ups" for particular topics but permit flexibility.[/*]
  • Install some time limits for those registered to address a specific topic. [/*]
  • Keep things "community" oriented, even to the point of encouraging multiple people contributing to a single topic.[/*]
  • Allow contributions without pre-approval. Though an organized approach is generally preferable, if someone provides a completed film then it should be considered for inclusion (especially if nobody has already been assigned the topic).[/*]
I'm for all those points.