Concept: Island

I have had this idea for quite a while.
Imagine you're going on vacation, visiting your relatives,
or just taking a trip. Your vehicle (particularly a plane) crashes down
and ends up on an island. What would you do on the island? It is to have the brickfilmer's sigfig doing something on the island. Would you try every attempt to get the heck off of it, or would you make the best of your
island life? The original idea was to have all the brickfilmers go on vacation, meaning going together and crash on an island, showing what they would do. Would you like that idea more?

This idea may be similar to the television show, Lost and of the game, Sims Castaway. I'm not completly copying it. I know there is alot of CPs at the moment, but let's see how this goes.

Your ideas, thoughts, opinions?