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    Yeah, hi, new here obviously.

    I’ve been watching Brickfilms for a long time I just never thought to come on the forums.

    What I have noticed was that, there has never been a Lego Noir.

    I’m surprised!

    I think it would be a great asset to the films here. With the new Indy fedora and all the different suits they have, I think it could really become badass.

    If you don’t know…

    Now since this is lego, I don’t think it would need to be super serious and have all the prostitutes and murder like a real one. It can be zany and comical with a kind of silly P.I character in it, instead of some hard boiled detective.

    Seriously, tell me what you think.

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    Member … =Night_Owl

    I must admit though, it may be a good idea.

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    Max Butcher

    There have generally been LOADS of Film Noirs (Including one by moi) in the Brickfilm directory.

    Yet, as Rsteenoven said, it does look like an exellent Idea.

    -A, who needs to make a good Film Noir at some point-

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    Night Owl’s Night of the Tater is kind of noir-esque, at least in the visual style. However, The Franky Job is definitely patterned after film noir, though it isn’t in black and white. Also my current project is my take on film noir. So I’m working on it.


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    I find it hard to believe you`ve never seen that.

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