Concept: Pirates

This is a story for a comic I was writing that could be turned into a community project. Even though there is a lot of community projects going right now, I think it would be cool because, 1. there isn't a lot of pirate brick films, and , 2. after I finish Kensington and Super, I don't really have any other projects, and I would rather do a community project than one done by just me and my brother. So heres the story. Multiple characters all find themselves drafted or something onto a ship (different reasons for different characters). The ship is the vessel for an elite pirate hunting squad, which is dedicated to destroying a large pirate organization. Sorry, this is kind of hard to explain. So then they all go on a mission to find the head quarters of the pirate organization. Ok that didn't sound like I wanted it too, but hopefully you all get what I mean. I actually drew the first 10 pages of it or so a while ago, so if anyone is interested in this, I will post them. If anyone is interested in making a pirate film, please post anything you think should change. Thanks all.