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    If I’m mistaken TwikABros forgive me and ignore this, but I believe you are referring to my teaser trailer for ‘A Pirate’s Tale’?

    Why yes, yes I am.
    Thanks for the Link, looks like a helpful site.

    Let me tell you, if I’d heard notion of a Community Project Pirate Brickfilm before I undertook production of mine singularly I would have no doubt joined in with much enthusiasm, as it is I am now dedicated to completing the one I’ve begun on my own though at the rate of completion my progess is really slow.

    Hope you can get that done. Also, once you finish your film, if you want to do a pirate community project, it would be great if you could at least just give tips or stuff, since you are already making a pirate brickfilm, where I don’t think anyone else has, including me. That was a long sentence. Thanks.



    Certainly I’d be happy to provide tips if and when the time comes, although I’m afraid the plot for my current film isn’t what you’d call wholley original (it ‘borrows’ from various sources, most notable ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ as it was going to be a spoof film before it got blown into a full lenth feature). Technical aspects relating to the pirate genre I’d be happy to contribute, specifically with regards to simulating the ocean and animating ship to ship combat; i.e bits of boat being blown to smithereens by cannon fire.

    P.S As thanks for your interst in my project, here is a 90% finished (I’ve yet to tidy up the greenscreen overspill in the second shot and replace the soundtrack) five second segment of footage from the film’s final climactic duel.



    Wow that was awesome! I could really tell it was bluescreened, but it was still cool.

    although I’m afraid the plot for my current film isn’t what you’d call wholley original (it ‘borrows’ from various sources, most notable ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ as it was going to be a spoof film before it got blown into a full lenth feature).

    If we eventually do a pirate community project, I do not really care what the plot is, I just want to make one some time. I just posted my story idea because I have had that one for a while, and started making a comic about it. Ship battles would be awesome, we’d just have to find out a good way to do them, but then again, you already are doing them for your film, so you already know how. Thanks.






    Wow, now I really want to see your film miniMation!



    I think the idea has a lot of potential, but I se two big problems: Not everyone has pirate legos, but custom decals should take care of that problem quickly. And second, and forgive me if I don’t understand the idea correctly, but every character would be on the same ship. Which means every person that animates would have to have the same ship model.

    But there is a way around that. Every animator is to animate every thing that happens in a specific room. For example, I might be told to animate every thing in the captain’s quarters. So instead of everyone animating a specific character, they animate a specific room.

    Which means that there would be one cast of characters, and all their decals are printable off the internet, so everyobdy will be able to use them, if needed. Then, they just animate every scene that happens in their room.

    I’d really like to see this happen, and I’d be interested in joining, but only if I finish my other projects first. Good luck.



    Excellent ideas Badgerboy, plus then everyone would only have to make a set or two so that would be great. Having printable stickers for every character would also be awesome, plus then, for example, Instead of having 7 British Marines, I could have 20 or so. Hehe, about monkeys, I had this crazy idea that there could be a monkey squad that goes in first and takes out sentries or something. That would require a lot of monkeys though.

    Just thinking into the future, but for custom minifigs, does anyone know a good program to do that? Another thing, if someone starts a community project, it doesn’t have to be an official Brickfilms CP, does it? Then this thing could probably get started faster if it does. Thanks all.



    Those are really good. Everyone would make a custom torso for their character and then they would post them on the internet.



    Mini dude, I could watch the trailer 🙁 It was like playing only the sound track.



    “Leonardo812” wrote: EDIT: Check out this.
    Pretty cool, huh.

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    Do you have any working links?

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