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    BUMP: New phase of the project.

    I’ve been lenient on everyone who signed up, giving those who are still developing their animation the benefit of a doubt.

    But now, it is time to truly see what you can do and what needs to be done to make sure you don’t frak up this project.

    Animators, just as the review panel aim to maintain a level of quality in the directory, so too do I want to maintain a level of quality in community projects. Therefore, I expect you to match and exceed my level of stop-motion animation (which is average). View my recent stop-motion animations like Repent to get an idea of what I want.

    You need to be able to:

    • Animate something that looks smooth at 15 fps.[/*]
    • Maintain a stable set. No set bumps.[/*]
    • Stable camera settings. No camera bumps, flickering due to auto-settings, inconsistent focusing, etc.[/*]
    • Consistent lighting. No flickering of the lights. Also be able to light the set in a way that any riggings or post production related elements can be removed seamlessly. This gives us effects artist an easier time adding effects if you do.[/*]
    • Animate with widescreen in mind. Start with 16:9.[/*]

    Your challenge:
    Animate your character using his/her power. If your power requires special effects, don’t worry about it. Just animate your character walking, gesturing, etc. Include something that can be keyed out in post production, such as a TV set with the screen in a solid color like blue or green or a window with a blue/greenscreen behind it. No camera motion, just one shot. It should be a short clip, less than a minute. Do whatever you want in the animation, as long as it shows me you can animate as good or better than me (in terms of stop-motion).

    These animators I feel confident in their animations and aren’t mandated to prove their skills. But they’re more than welcome to take the challenge:
    Gray Scale
    Nick Durron
    Matt Gillan

    These animators I am confident with, but I feel they can do better and should consider taking the challenge before animating for the project itself.
    Night Owl
    High Tower

    These animators are required to take the challenge:
    Squash – REMOVED
    carlitopapito – REMOVED
    Droidimation – REMOVED

    White – PASSED
    bluejeansummer – PASSED

    Mess de la Fritz – PASSED
    Munzapoppa Mini Movies
    atrglock – PENDING

    I know some of you have just gotten over the THAC and some are on vacation. Therefore, you have until September 15, 2007, to post a clip either here in this thread or in the private forum that shows me you have the skills to animate better than me. If you don’t show me something by then, you’ll be removed from the animator list and labeled as merely a contributor.

    Private messages will be sent momentarily to alert you (mandated animators) of this challenge.

    Good luck. I don’t like to remove people from this project, but this is for the image of an official community project. Crappy animation will scar that image.



    By just one shot, do you mean, keep the same camera angle the whole time?






    I guess we’ll try this to see if were good enough. The thing is, we haven’t picked a power. I was thinking Telescopic or microscopic vision, but since that doesn’t really do to much, can our character use guns? Hopefully we can reduce the light flicker enough so it looks good enough for the test film. Also, what if we don’t have a blue screen or green screen, or don’t know how to do that tv thing? Thanks.



    TwickABros: Thing is, no one else has talked about using guns since they’ll be using their powers. You don’t have to rely on the list of powers I linked to. Think about Superman, the X-men, etc. There’s plenty of powers that aren’t categorized because of their uniqueness. I leave it to you to determine what powers you guys can use for your scenes.

    As for blue/greenscreen elements, you can use bricks if that’s possible for you. Colored paper is another option, however some paper don’t work well for blue/greenscreening. We have threads that discuss about blue/greenscreening.

    For the TV, depending on your TV design, the screen itself should not be a screen, but rather a single solid color that can be keyed out. Say you use plates and tiles to build a flatscreen TV, the center of the TV where the screen is should all be blue tiles or some other color that can be removed in post production.



    Stable camera settings. No camera bumps, flickering due to auto-settings, inconsistent focusing, etc.

    How do I turn off auto settings? That might be the problem. I’m using a quick cam pro 4000.

    Animate with widescreen in mind. Start with 16:9.

    How do I set it to that? I’m using MonkeyJam.

    I’ll use bricks for blue screen.

    TwickABros: Thing is, no one else has talked about using guns since they’ll be using their powers. You don’t have to rely on the list of powers I linked to.

    Does that mean I can’t use guns?
    Thanks. By the way, that repent movie was cool, but for some reason it stopped all the sudden…



    Lechnology, I’m dropping out. I have a number of reasons for doing so.
    1. When I started this, it wasn’t going to be a feature film.
    2. The focus of the plot changed a lot.
    3. I feel like there isn’t really so much need for sub-scene anymore.
    4. I didn’t really like the idea of getting footage cut.
    5. I don’t have the time to really truly contribute to a 60min film.
    6. I don’t want to let everyone down later on.
    The project changed. I don’t quite like the changes. Say I’m just being lazy if you want, but I’ve been considering this for a time. Better now than never.



    Okay so were thinking time travel, but that might be to extreme, so if some one helped us we could do ground manipulation or strechyness because Squash might leave. But if we did do those, someone else would have to help us with special effects. Oh yeah and if your going to fit this all in 60 minutes, how much do subscene animators have to do? 2 minutes or what? Thanks.



    Feature length?! I don’t hang around the forums for a couple of days and when I come back suddenly we’re doing a 60+ minute film.

    This project is getting a bit…ambitious.



    “Squash” wrote: 4. I didn’t really like the idea of getting footage cut.

    That was only speculative talk. Nothing was ever final on that.

    Squash removed. All for the best as I worried how you would accomplish elasticity.

    Details on length will be provided later.

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