Concept: Super

Here's a community project idea that follows the approach of the We The Brickfilmers group in allowing more animators to contribute without high demands for consistency.

Concept: What if, one day you woke up and discovered you had special abilities. What would you do? Would you pull a prank on your neighbors? Would you show it off in school? Would you freak out? Would you become a hero or a villian?

I know this may allude to Heroes, but to be honest, who hasn't thought about having super powers before Heroes aired? Who hasn't thought about using Jedi powers or pretending to be X-men, wear a cape.

The idea for this project is to have numerous interpretations of the question: What if one day you woke up with special abilities, what would you do? And remember, you're new to this special ability. These interpretations would center around a main plot. I have one plot in mind but I welcome other ideas as well.

Powers I like to see but not limited to:
  • Telekinesis[/*]
  • Power mimicry[/*]
  • Power negation[/*]
  • Duplication[/*]
  • Invisibility[/*]
  • Superhuman senses[/*]
  • Super strength[/*]
  • Telepathy[/*]
  • Mind Control[/*]
  • Animation (bring objects to life)[/*]
  • Super speed[/*]
  • Flight[/*]
  • Shapeshifting[/*]
I'm thinking that despite having these special powers, each person has their limitations in control or in understanding their powers. For example, a person with the power of Invisibility. He may have full control of it, he may not. He may sometimes be fully invisible, and other times can't fully turn himself invisible. Or with super smell. Someone with that power may have a hard time turning off that ability when something foul scented comes his way.