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    i call Invisibility!


    DANG IT GRAY!!!JEEZ I’ll just pic an easier one…i’m lazy like that…um……Super strenth!

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    That’s an awesome idea!

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    Just so you all know, the list of powers I made are just a short list. I welcome other powers you have in mind for your own interpretation, so long as you don’t become a superpower hungry Sylar bent on world domination or destruction. I’m leaving that for the main plot(s).

    Speaking of plots, feel free to post any main plot ideas so that we can come to a focus for this project.

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    Nick Durron

    This is a great idea, Lech. I know this concept has been used before, but it is still perfect for a community project.

    I had an idea for a power that would be a combination of flight, invisibility, and shape-shifting, of sorts. The effect would be quite complicated to create, but it would end up looking like the minifig is able to turn himself into dust and form himself into other objects, simply disappear, or fly. A little confusing, I know, but I can see it working.

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    As shape shifting, would I be like Mister Fantastic, or Mystique? Or could I be a combination of both?
    ^That sounds kind of like Sandman. If anyone could pull an effect like that off, I know you could though.


    Nice idea, I don’t know if I’ll be able to take part in it or not, but I would love to.

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    Awsome im in.

    Edit:Dibs on animation!

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    We could do somthing like the villlian brickfilmers fight the heros it would
    look cool.

    Edit: Can I also have thunderbolts come out of my hand

    I have more cool ideas.

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