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    “Squash” wrote: I’m not sure if I understand you Lech. So, the people who animate the final fight are the ones who participate in it? The other people just do a back plot? Am I correct?

    Sometimes I confuse even myself.

    Let’s put it into two different perspectives:

    Animator’s perspective:
    For example, we have 15 animators involved in the project, but only 4 have the resources needed to create the Final fight scene. That means the other 11 animators (with their limited resources) can only animate their own subscenes and maybe their own fight scenes.

    Character perspective:
    Same scenario with only 4 animators: This doesn’t necessarily mean only the 4 animator’s characters can be in the fight scene. If these animators can build other characters that the other 11 animators have, then hurray, more characters involved in the battle scenes.

    Put it this way, just because you can’t animate the big battle of Good vs. Evil doesn’t mean that your character can’t. It’s up to those animators who can to work you into their scenes.

    And it looks like we’re going more towards the Evil Robot idea. As Lord_Of_The_LEGO stated in chat, better to battle against faceless automatons than the alternative. Plus, this gives all you animators a change to be creative with making robot figs and experiment with additional articulations (depending on your robot design).

    If there is anyone who wants to be involved with this project but is in favor of a different antagonist, let us know.

    Just to add to what I said about people with limitations or inability to fully master their powers, it allows you to think both inside and outside the box when your new found power doesn’t work. For example, it requires a lot of focus to control certain abilities, such as someone with ADD is restraining a bunch of robots using Plasma-based constructs (Green Lantern powers) when he’s distracted by something and looses focus. Add your comedic interpretation there.

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    I made a cool (IMO) custom robot today, that I could duplicate for my fight. I’ll get a pic up when the glue is completely set.

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    Sounds like a neat idea. I don’t think I’ll probably be able to be very involved, but if you’d like I could probably contribute a few matte paintings or effects shots or something.

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    RP Hoogle

    Lech I like your number 2 idea best. ROBOTS like that. As I think I have said before I don’t think I would like to take part in the animation part but I would love to help on this progect in other ways.

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    Here is that robot I mentioned. It moves very well.
    Pictures are big, but oh well.

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    pepper roni

    Hmmmmm. If I had Super powers First thing I would do would be…well You’ll find out :mrgreen:

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    “Squash” wrote: Here is that robot I mentioned. It moves very well.
    Pictures are big, but oh well.

    I just know that LOTL is going to pass out when he sees that.
    I think it looks pretty nice, but I am also against cutting/gluing LEGO.

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    /me passes out.

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    So then Lord_Of_The_LEGO hates MCN?

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    Nick Durron

    I can handle certain types of customization, but cutting a LEGO brick is going too far. Think of it as… torture.

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