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    I was thinking each animator would do a clan, or a group from one clan. I hadn’t really thought through how it would work…



    The idea of a future wasteland is very appealing to me. But what I enjoy more is your originality. You took a seemingly harmless thing such as a plant and turned it into a creature that winds up taking over the world. While most people use aliens, Nazis, or gangs as the “bad guys”, I think your concept is ten times more innovative. Good luck with the story. I can’t wait to see the film.



    I guess one of the most important things in order to make an interesting film is not to rely and use already existing stuff. So Nazis against gaians against terminators will we just like remixing stuff and the originality is lost.

    Cheers Arend



    Heh Thanks! If this does not succeed as a community project, i will surely make it. but, this will take a much longer time. Right now, i don’t have a great collection of western, islanders, etc sets, so my resources are limited. This would be a terrific film in m opinion, but a very big undertaking.

    My originality… lol i once write a 27 page long story in sixth grade that has lead to the “Space Wars” trilogy. OMFGLOLOLOLOLOL IM SoO ORINIAL!!!1!!11!!!




    My first five or six sets were all classic pirate and islander sets. If in the future you needed me to make little short clips of the islanders I might be able to do it. No promises though because my current project is pretty big.
    And I’m pretty new to Lego animation. Working on improving though. 🙂



    Well, you got a setting down, a unique one which I like. What we need here is a plot. I see the carnivorous plant as one potential force to oppose.

    Along with the MOC themes (Steampunk and ApocaLEGO), I think in order to include more animators, there should be more than 4 clans.

    Here’s a possible plot based on the premise that would be inclusive of multiple animators:

    As each character struggles to survive in their clan, dealing with the monster plants and whatnot, an event occurs, perhaps in the outskirts of any known clan borders. This draws the attention of the characters and they venture to discover what it is.

    This could be a collaboration among animators who have the same themes. For example, one character’s venture through the wasteland is covered by 3 animators. With 4+ characters from 4+ different clans, ideally, we would have 12+ animators working on this project.

    Anyways, I like to see this developed some more. One issue I have is that not everyone has the same creative mind as the next person and not everyone has the parts necessary to contribute.



    “Lechnology” wrote: One issue I have is that not everyone has the same creative mind as the next person and not everyone has the parts necessary to contribute.

    Yes, this was my greatest fear. The parts needed to make a very good post- apocalyptic set is somewhat specific, and numerous on top of that.

    I now have a real list of clans.

    1.Sky Pirates- Most powerful at begining of story, Flying a magnificent airship called the Shining Jay.
    2. Isalnders- Tribal, island- dwelling people who have little resources and fight with rocks and sticks. I.E. ewok status in this story.
    3. the Clan a religious group who dwell in the remains of castles. They draw their power from motivation that a higher power will favor them
    4. Urban Defenders- Living in the remains of old urban areas, they scavange what food and weaponry they can find to defend themselves agaisnt the Palm.
    5. The Mahrums (MAH-rooms) Desert nomads who are slightly more protected from the Palm, as it is harder to grow in the desert. they defend themselves b skillfully throwing knives
    6.The Wariors- A small group, the last people with formal military training in wasteland. They are descendants of the troops that made up the world army. Teir fathers taught them all they know.

    Bounty hunters- mercenaries who charge a pretty penny to hunt and kill whoever they are ordered to.

    The Palm- Carnivorous plant, mutated from what was once a fern. Its spores can infect humans, but rarely do, and the spores start to make full grown Palms in bursts every month. The rate at which they grow is becoming more and more irregular… a serious danger to mankind. It is the common foe of all of the clans, and sometimes the clans must help each other to put down larger Palm growths. These short- lived alliances are broken once the palm has been killed, and the factions proceed to wage war agaisnt one another.

    the film will follow groups of people from different regions of wasteland who are from different factions. A scientist in one group discovers that the Palm growth will happen sooner than it should, and unless the palm is completely wiped out, it will destroy mankind. more developments will be made in the script, but that is the basic idea.



    You mention that this is school related. Is this plot of yours mainly for school? Because based on experience, it is better if the community helps develop a plot that most can agree on. Your plot is fine, I’m just curious if you’re determine to go in this direction or is input desirable?



    This story was develped from a story i wrote for school. It go an A, too, thank you very much. :wink The story is already done… but the movie script will be a bit different.
    But no, the film itself will have nothing to do with school, unless i might want to show the teacher what i did with my story.



    Been wondering what I can use my destroyed city back drop for

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