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    I just watched I am Legend, that had at least 30 minutes of food scavenging and was highly watchable 😀



    15 minute seems the most ideal. I mean, unlike other projects like Super where we have multiple complex characters and dozens of action sequences, here, I would see maybe a few action sequences involving the Palm. Of course, again, this depends on the plot.

    1-3 minutes establishing the setting and the characters. I put 3 because there maybe multiple characters.
    1-2 minutes establishing the objective.
    The rest is how that objective is accomplished.



    UPDATE to front page of thread
    Basic Plot: Sky Pirates are trying to conquer the world and rebuild their empire. One of the tribes, (the islanders, most likely) expend much of their funds to hire a bounty hunter to kill the sky pirate’s leader. meanwhile, other groups scavenge food and fight off the inpending Palm outbrake. The Bounty hunter kills the leader as he is delivering a speech about the frequency of the Palm outbrakes, which are becoming more numerous. after scientists in other clans figure this out, it is too late. the palm is a attacking and they must join forces to defeat it.
    There will be sub plots within the groups of people in each clan.



    That seems like it would take longer than 15 minutes.



    I’m really interested in this. It sounds like a fun project.

    Althought it does sound like it may take more than fifteen minutes. My suggestion is to not set a time limit, and just let it develop naturally. You have a complex world, and you don’t want to limit it, when it could be much more developed in the film itself.



    LegoShark your plot gets more and more interesting. I am thoroughly intrigued but I do have to ask one question, Where did the islanders get the money to afford a bounty hunter? I don’t know if you already have this figured out, but I have several suggestions.

    1. The islanders have a secret stash of golden objects and jewels that date back to ancient times. This treasure has been a clan secret for many centuries and in a last ditch effort (to seek revenge?) the islanders have to give up one of their most treasured things.

    2. The islanders all descended from a group of well accomplished thieves that made a good living before the Palm breakout and the wealth was inherited.

    3. A derelict ship that had been floating around at sea crashed on one of the islanders’ islands. The ship was laden with money and bullion that was intended for Swiss banks.

    I think any of these things could be told in flashbacks and would give more background to the story. Also another question, Do some of the clans have personal vendettas against other clans? For example, do the islanders hate the sky pirates more than the other clans?



    If some of the clans had problems with one another, their alliance could be much more interesting.



    “badgerboy” wrote: If some of the clans had problems with one another, their alliance could be much more interesting.

    Exactly my thoughts.



    Ok… Those are some cool ideas for the Islanders. I’ll try sometng along those lines.

    I had an Idea that the Islanders especially hated the Sky pirates, and when all of the clans came together at the end, the other more peaceful clans would convince them to work together.

    Besides that… Once i get the plot completely straightened out, would any animators be willing to animate? I know that this is a bad time to do a CP because of school, etc… but i want some feedback on wether or not people like the project enough to animate in the first place.



    I don’t know why but I seem to be deeply interested with the Islanders. I may be able to contribute footage considering that winter break is coming up but I can make no promises because this year in high school basically determines where I go to college. I also have my current project under way and it is of extremely large scope as well. I may be able to contribute with various things like plot ideas, script writing, concept art, and basic set design and suggestion. Once I obtain a decent mic I will also be able to contribute as a voice actor.

    Also, I had an idea today concerning the backround plot of your story. I was thinking that maybe the humans, as a species, only have one fully intact functional city left. I was thinking it could be located in the desert considering that the Palm cannot get there easily. This city would provide a central rally point for all the clans and would give them hope to continue fighting.

    And I was wondering, are the desert dwellers of Arabic or Muslim origin? Or is the desert in the movie a newly formed desert in another part of the world? If the desert dwellers were of Muslim origin, the city, (if you like the concept) could be modelled after Muslim architecture. For example, the characteristic rounded domes and onion shaped tower tops.

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