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    Sounds like a good Idea ( I think… )

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    “EdibleDoorKnob” wrote: I am not quite sure what he means by ‘tag’.



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    I think this may be better suited as something similar to the End of the Year Challenge. Various duos of animators can enter the challenge and then post their coproductions by the end of the year or whatever amount of time if they’re able to finish them. Although a contest where there have to be two animators working together is also promising. Indeed, there haven’t been any contests like that that I know of.

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    Naw but anyway this sounds like a good idea, but then MG and LOTL would enter “Dear Cousin” and blow everyone away.

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    wow im getting noticed

    any ideas to contribute just say them
    i dont mind criticism

    and im glad you all think it sounds good keep posting

    have a nice day-randomparrot

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    let me explain what this is about as it is causing lots of trouble

    -tag competion in pairs-as in tag team
    -i think a end of year competition sounds good by then big brickfilmers like lord of lego will have seen this thread(i hope)

    good night

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    Sounds cool if I could animate something awsome before it.

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    it may be not for a while

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    Max Butcher

    It sounds oddly like wrestling maches. Tag team action!!

    You have made (a) test(s) which looks OK. The worst thing about it was the picture quality. Thats easy, get a webcam (or, if you have more money, a new Digital Camera, or Video camera. I reccomend Video cameras) I dont think you actually need to do animation on your part. (I think you would be better doing what Lechonology does and do CGI animation, in which case, do yourself a favour an get Carrara Studio!!)

    BUT. I dont know what this is actually about! Maybe a bit of an explination? The Computer does not zap you for writing a long post (though is does for LOADS of other things, NEVER ASK TO BE A MOD!-which i have not)


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    thanks alkami im probualy going to animate the guy hosting the talent show unless someone else wants to and yes i know my camera is bad at picture quality i am saving up for a new webcam at the moment.

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