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    The only limits would be the time to make it, no theme or plot restrictions as that would make it to hard.

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    I actually thought of an interesting idea for a contest a while ago. It’s similar to THAC, but you have a week in order to make a film. I was also thinking, instead of a theme or mod element, you can make whatever plot you want, but you have to include one or two specific lines of dialog in your film (similar to the Ten Lines Contest). I think it would be a great summer contest here, and I’d be interested in participating.


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    So no takers?

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    Eclipse Productions

    I might do it, if it is changed a bit. Like a longer time to make your film, on the lest few rounds.

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    Come on, it can be done 😈

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    No takers.

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    “The Doctor” wrote: Come on, it can be done 😈

    Dude, every time you post that emoticon, you lose a respect point.


Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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