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    I think Brickfilms should have a HALLOWEEN contest.

    Anyone with me? :)

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    Shootin’ Bricks had one about a year ago, so maybe next Halloween.

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    Oh stilll that should stop them from making one. I’d really like to make a hallloween movie this year and wanna know if there are any contests for it. :)

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    I think it would be too late for this year, but a haloween contest would be a good idea.

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    Of course you are welcome to make a Halloween contest on your own, Lieberman Bros. It’s much too soon for another contest, though.

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    What about a christmas one that starts in November? :wink

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    We can’t make a halloween contest cuz we’re already hosting a commercial contest. Check out our site for the details.

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    Oh yeah, how many people entered into your contest yet lieberman?
    Do you win money? :)

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    We know of 3 entries 99% for sure and 5 others who said they would in the polls. We have yet to recieve any entries though. Sadly you do not win money. Maybe next year when we have a bit more money we might give out prizes.

    And to answer your comment in the commercial contest topic about us sharing an account (i think i’ve said this like 3 times now) my little bro doesn’t like computers for anything other than games. Which is why I am the technical guy and he’s the hand’s on guy. If we each had an account his would be blank.

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    Who were the guys that entered?

    Dang you don’t earn money!

    I might enter, i just wanna know who entered first.

    P.S. where did you get your site template? its exactly the same as brickfilms’!

    your site is basically the same as’s. Even the intro is the same! Except you don’t get as much visitors, or films, or a forums.
    No wonder you brike some copyright laws!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 20 total)
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