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    In combination with today’s release of the new website, I am
    announcing the official Cool Brick Movies – NWBrickCon Animation Competition
    that will take place on Saturday of NWBrickCon 2003. What follows are the
    official rules of the competition, which can be seen at

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this message or e-mail
    me at

    The following are the submission guidelines for the animation competition at
    NWBrickCon 2003, in Seattle, WA. These are subject to change at any time without
    notification. Any individual submitting to this contest agrees to the following

    1. Event
    1.1 Explanation of event
    1.2 Purpose of event
    2. Submissions
    2.1 Basic guidelines for entries
    2.2 Entry ranking
    2.2.1 Purpose of ranking
    3. Voting, Awards and Prizes

    1. Event
    The animation competition will occur for approximately one hour on the Saturday
    evening of NWBrickCon, 2003.

    1.1 Explanation of event.
    The competition will consists of two parts. The first part of the competition
    will be the screening of the films. This will last roughly one hour. The second
    part of the competition will consist of the audience and the event organizers
    voting on the entries shown. Full details on this are giving in section 3. .

    1.2 Purpose of event.
    The purpose of this event is twofold. The competition will stimulate the
    community of filmmakers to produce high-quality films and will raise the
    standard of these films. Also, these films will provide entertainment for the
    attendees at the event.

    2. Submissions
    The follow are the criteria for entries into the animation competition. All
    submissions must be received by September 15th, 2003. Films may only be
    submitted if they are sent, in .mov or .avi format, with no compression or the
    DivX codec. They must be stored on a website or server from which a download is
    possible, and can not exceed 50MB. An e-mail must then be sent to with the following information: the title of
    the film, the director/filmmaker of the film, the length of the film, the e-mail
    of the filmmaker, an address to which a prize/award may be sent, and any
    additional comments (optional). Any entry without all of these items will be
    disqualified. If the file size is too large, please contact Seth Rotkin at for a list of other codecs that may be accepted
    under these circumstances. If the film will not play on Seth Rotkin’s laptop due
    to different codecs and formats, it will not be considered for the event. The
    filmmaker submits at his or her own risk. If Seth Rotkin does not receive the
    entry, or it will not play properly, the entry is disqualified and the filmmaker
    will be notified. Period.

    2.1 Basic guidelines for entries
    The following are guidelines by which an entry must conform to to be considered
    for the event. Violation of any of the following constitutes an entry that WILL
    NOT be shown at the event. Whether or not an entry breaks one of these rules is
    the sole decision of Seth Rotkin and the event coordinators.
    a. Profanity – Any profanity will immediately disqualify the entry. Keep in mind
    that people of all ages will be in attendance.
    b. Violence – Since the entries are made from LEGO components, violence is in
    most cases not graphic and will be allowed. Excessive violence or somehow
    graphic violence will not be tolerated.
    c. Content – The majority of the film must be made from LEGO parts.
    d. Length – Any entry over eight minutes or under thirty seconds will not be
    e. History – Any film that has been awarded any prize at any other film
    festival, including but not limited to competitions at BrickFest or BricksWest
    will automatically be disqualified.
    f. Origin – If the credited filmmaker is not the one who submits the film, it
    will be disqualified. Only submit your own work.

    2.2 Entry ranking
    Of the remaining entries, only about sixty minute’s worth will be allowed to
    show. The priority will be determined by a ranking between 1 and 100. This
    ranking, based solely on facts AND NOT OPINIONS, will be determined at the time
    of submission by Seth Rotkin. The following shows the point breakdown.
    40 points – Forty points are awarded to any film that has not won any online
    competition or award of any kind.
    30 points – Thirty points are awarded to only one entry per each filmmaker. The
    filmmaker may decide which of his or her films this should go to if they have
    submitted multiple entries. This is automatically awarded to an entry if the
    filmmakers has no other entries. This is to allow one person to submit many
    works, but only allow more than one to show if there are not many other
    submissions. 20 points – This is awarded to an entry between three and five
    minutes of length.
    5 points – This is awarded to an entry if the film is to be premiered at the
    event [the film is currently not online, was never online or available for
    distribution, and will not be until after the competition in October ends].
    5 points – This is awarded to a film that has declared with their submission how
    many points they should receive, without these five points. If the filmmaker has
    given the correct total after verification [e.g. if they have declared which
    points they do/don’t deserve properly], this is be awarded.

    A list will be compiled of the submitted films, listing the title of the film
    and the number of points received, in chronological order with the first film
    received at the top to the last film received at the bottom. After September the
    15th, the last day that films will be allowed to be submitted, the actual films
    that will be shown at the competition will be chosen. First, the highest score
    that any film received will be found. Films from the list with this score will
    be added to the venue, starting from the top and working down. If the total
    running time has not been filled, the next highest score will be calculated and
    films with this score will be added, again from the top down. This continues
    until approximately sixty minutes of film have been added to the venue. As can
    be ascertained from this explanation, if there is a tie score for the last spot
    in the venue, the film submitted earlier will be chosen. If there are not many
    entries, all films on the list will be added. The venue list will be reordered
    so that films run in order of date received, not ranking.

    2.2.1 Purpose of ranking The ranking system restricts the types of films that
    will be shown, while not setting many limits on valid films. Instead of not
    allowing certain films to be shown, the films will be allowed for consideration,
    but certain types of films are given priority. New films without much exposure
    will be taken over older films that have been viewed many times before.

    3. Voting, Awards and Prizes The audience will be given forms at the end of the
    screening on which they can vote for their favorite film shown. The Audience’s
    Choice prize/award will be given to the film with the most votes. The event
    coordinators will vote separately. The Event Coordinator’s Choice prize/award
    will be given to the film with the most votes, or in the case that this is the
    same as the Audience’s Choice, the film with the second most votes. Awards and
    prizes are to be determined at a later date.

    Please e-mail Seth Rotkin at with any further queries.

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    Hi Seth,

    Thanks for running another comp!

    Some clarifications:

    There are many different types of compression that can be selected when rendering in .mov format (including audio), and they can considerably limit/change the performace of the film. Which do you intend for us to use? Any idea of bitrates?

    And are you ruling out divx or including it? It is extremely ambiguous from your wording. (There are too many clauses in the sentence for it to make perfect sense)

    And you do realise that uncompressed .avi files (especially if played off a hard drive) often play MORE slowly than compressed files…? Due to fragmentation and power of pc etc?

    Can you give us a list of codecs you accept, rather than a private email?

    The points system is a good idea:
    BUT (and a big but) Seeing as how you are awarding 20 points for films 3-5 minutes in length… why not just specify this length. (Plus, any film not getting the 40 points will automatically be disqualified based upon your ‘history’ point e.)
    Seems to me the points system WAS a good idea, but it is extremely limited. I would prefer you just state how you want films submitted etc… rather than make us ‘add up’ and check we qualify.

    It really seems like you WANT this limit 3-5, and I expect you’ll get plenty of films that fulfil this requirement.

    ANy details on the specifics of the prizes? :D




    Hey Seth!
    Glad to see you finally getting the big contest rolled out!

    I’m curious though- I’ve read through the rules twice and I can see no mention of a theme.
    Am I just blind or are you allowing the movies to be about anything and of any type so long as they fit the other criterea?

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    I have a few questions: Do you have to be in attendance to have your movie shown? and If so, where is this event taking place? and As shootinbricks has already asked, is there a theme to this contest?


    Let me try to answer all of your questions.

    LoganArts Co – No, you do not have to be in attendence to submit a film! I would recommend that anyone that could attend should, though. NWBrickCon takes place the first weekend of October right next to the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.

    shootin bricks – There is no particular theme. I did this because this is the first NWBrickCon contest of any sort, so I decided to leave it open. I future years, I may prune it down.

    hali – (Wow, lots of questions!) As for codecs, compression, etc… All I was trying to do there was make it so that filmers would only have to submit their movies one time (since, if it doesn’t run on my laptop, I really cannot play it at the con!) You can submit in any form, really, and I will accept, as long as I can play it on my laptop! The safest thing is to submit to me a link to a conservative version (basically no codecs) and to a preferred link that I will try to use first. As for points, what I was trying to do was allow basically anyone to enter. At that point, if very few people entered, the submission rules would be broader. If many joined, only specific films that fit into specific guidelines would be taken as prioity.

    I will be out of town for two weeks, but I will answer any more questions when I return.


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    Thanks, I’ll try to get a movie ready for this exciting event!

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    I think there are a number of films approaching completion that either didn’t get done in time for Brickfest, or weren’t meant for it. I’m bumping and stickying this topic so that maybe some of those films might find their way to the NWBrickCon.

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    Wow, methinks I’ll enter! Just happen to have a film getting close to release…

    One question for Seth, though…could you possibly accept a .wmv? It’ll play on all laptops running Windows that have Windows Media Player installed. I can’t convert to .mov AFAIK and the avi for my film would be astronomical.

    So far my points tally is 75, so I’m not too far behind.

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    Yeah, .wmv is the native Windows Media Player format and therefore should work perfectly on my PC.

    And thanks for the bump!

    Remeber, submissions go to

    As for number of submission, I’m not getting too many, so don’t be afraid to submit your films… they will probably get in to the event.

    -Seth Rotkin

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    Brian of Gep

    Would it be unethical or against your intent
    for films intended for the WoW
    Contest to be entered in yours?

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