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    I actually started this months ago, but then lost the fig. However, I finished it today (still need a cape, but close enough to finished). The picture is blurry though because I am unfamiliar with the camera I used to take the picture, but used it because it was directly connected to this computer.

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    Nice minifig even though the picture’s a little blurry. What did you use to make the Hurricane symbol on the body and the mask on its face? And is that even the tattoo on the minifig’s arm?

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    No tattoo, I kinda forgot he had one, should put it on there even if it would just appear as a dot…For the hurricane symbol and mask I just found pictures online, shrank them to the appropriat side and printed them out on a blank label. What took the longest time is trying to fnd the right size to print them at.

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    wow looks nice!

    *Backs away due to no knowledg of wrestling*


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    Logan here, taking a break from my vacation. Pretty good, SOTW, however, I have a hurricane fig that you might like. When I get my cam hooked up, I’ll post a pic

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    pray tell ……

    for future references…….

    what size did you print those at?????

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    The mask was printed w/ a width of 35 (widthxheigth) and heigth is something I never paid attention to, but is assummed to be 20 or so. The symbol on the torso was done in March, so I don’t remember and he files were deleted. Going by estimation, i’d say 35×55 or 60. Best thing to do is guess and check (print out on regular paper, hold it up to fig).

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