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    In the movie I am about to start making, some terrorists are going to take hostages. Now my question, should it be during day-time or during night-time? Day-time is easier, but night-time is more realistic. Can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Well, to decide the time, wouldn’t you have to tell us how they’re taking hostages?

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    They stop with a van in front of a store, and then they just run into the building.

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    Then, I’d say night, though, it might be hard to acheive the proper lighting, i’d film it like its day, then edit the pictures to darken all but street light…

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    Just think… when are there people in the shop? During daytime or nighttime? And is it a shop with large windows letting in sunlight, or is it a department store with only artificial lights that the terrorists could put out by shooting them?


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