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    Does anyone know how to animate lego digitally with
    flying particles like this video. The animated lego is on
    the 35th second.


    I’m guessing those might just be particle effects or some effects he made himself.

    If you know how to mask objects, you can take a tiny Lego piece and mask it, then multiple it many times. Finally, you would animate each part individually to make your explosion effect.

    There’s probably easier ways to achieve this, but this might be the most customizable.

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    Anna C.

    I was always wondering how they managed to do it, like for example, those effects that involve flying swords, or the sea of bricks that move. Thanks again Onecras!

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    Nope. Not real Lego. He made that in an animation software, such as Blender or Maya. It’s effective, though tricky to do.

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    Hmm I would use 3ds Max, but I suppose you could also mix real footage and 3d animation. Which i dont think is so hard in this instance…

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    Anna C.

    Hmm 3ds Max? I think I should have a look into it.


    I’ve tried the masking technique in my newest video and I only used two original pieces. I think it came out pretty nice :)



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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 21 total)

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