Easter eggs, How to use them.

Easter eggs, Hidden reference or joke within the scene. Do you use them in your films? Do you want to? I love Easter eggs so I try to put them inn. Like in my last film you can se Red hood and wolf man minifigs snogging in the background. (It seemed funny at the time) Another example could be a picture of gandalf on dumbledoors desk Or gandalf having a book named "robe bleaching 101". Or a movie poster with a quote in its title , Like "Bazinga II" Its easy once you get your mind to it. Great places for easer eggs, Pictures, Logos, Book names, Signs, posters. You know the props you add too the scene to make it more alive. Tricky bit is, it have to be subtle or it will ruin the mood and/or focus of that scene. Dont make it to central in the shot, unless thats what you are going for.