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    I would like to run for minister of truth. I believe I will know what a good WIKI article is and what isn’t. I am a new brickfilmer and the WIKI is one of the best ways to see tutorials. Being a new brickfilmer, I will be able to see what helps new filmers the most, therefore, making it a main and great way to learn new things and tricks. I want to keep it to it’s best. I also will make sure all or most tutorials (depending on if they may be needed for some people, so they would PM me a report of it) have pictures. Pictures and things similar to that. Please consider! I will also recommend others to post articles to the WIKI and keep it under control.

    I will be learning the wiki code, NOW! :D

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    Could you tell me any ways that you would improve the Wiki. Anymore and what you could do to make the ministry benefit.


    I will very much encourage others to post tutorials, and add in pictures to them. I will make sure tutorials are at their peak quality, and get rid of bad ones, that are useless nowadays. Example: Someone shows how to do masking in Paint, I think, why not do GIMP? It’s easier and faster. In other words, outdated tutorials will be removed and hopefully updated and improved.

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    I like your beginning ideas. I would love to see where this goes in a month or two. Also some ideas I was going to use because I have considered running were-
    -Get rid of spammed tutorials. (Search through the tutorials)
    -Keep the tradition of having the minister being PMed before the account is made to prevent spam.
    -Let more people know about the Wiki.
    These are a few of the ideas I had. I have more I will tell you later in the campaign. They are just suggestions of course.

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    Would you be willing to look through the forums, and pick up interesting threads about topics of common interest and transform them into wiki material?

    Cheers Arend

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    I plan on trying to get that done should I be elected as MoD, would you be willing to work with the MoD to put together all the “Interesting” threads?


    Yes, to The Doctor and ahnt. I look through the forums every day, and not just to see where people have just posted. I can (if they are willing) work with the person who created it to turn it into a tutorial.


    I’m not sure whether to vote for you or Droid, why did you decide to run for Minister of Truth?


    I wanted to help the site, and I was irritated about the fact that not all wiki tutorials and articles are in enough detail. I wanted them to be in so much detail, someone clueless could easily do what the tutorial helps you do. Some aren’t easy enough for beginners, mostly the ones without or without enough pictures. And I want to fix that.

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    Happy to support you, I think it is time to have someone that looks at articles the way that someone learning would look at them. At fist I thought that someone as new as you was too newbish to run the ministry, but now i see the upside to this. I would be happy to help you campaign, and I would be even happier to help you with the wiki.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 26 total)

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