Election – Minister of Filming Resources

Here we are with our first public election at Brickfilms.com for an official staff position. Please vote for the candidate for Minister of Filming Resources who you feel is most qualified.

Minister of Filming Resources - Responsible for the brickfilms Resources page. This Minister should have decent HTML skills and significant knowledge of brickfilming. Will be expected to keep articles on the resources page relevant and up-to-date. Hopefully new articles will be provided with some regularity, including interviews and hardware or software reviews. Interaction with the Minister of Truth and Minister of Information is expected, to keep all informational areas of the site in agreement.

Before voting, please take some time to review the candidates. Consider their contributions to the community and the artform, and consider their individual skills as they relate to the job.

The election will last for 2 days. After you place your vote you will be able to see the status of the election; please refrain from commenting on the current status until the poll closes.

On a personal note, I am very pleased to see people taking a serious, active interest in the idea of elections at brickfilms. I am also very pleased to see such quality candidates offered for our consideration. I am confident that any of these individuals will do a fine job, if elected.