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    My name is Alex Anderson, or Lamp. I am running for Minister of Site Infrastructure because I believe this site can be run in a much smoother way physically. I am not saying that by regarding the Forum Discussion rules and so fourth, I am talking about the continuous and extremely annoying errors which occur and the many irritating ads what surround the pages. I intend to change these, while still bringing the site revenue hopefully with the help of the other staff at Brickfilms.com my main intention is to cut down on the ads at Brickfilms.

    While I may not be active post-wise. I do lurk around the forums at work a lot (I am an IT Technician at a school local to where I live) and I am in the chat room from time to time. I appear to think I have set myself a good reputation on this site but that is mainly not the point, the point is what I do. I am fluent in CSS, PHP and MySQL. I know HTML and I am a learner in JavaScript. I coded the site for the school I work at (though for reasons discussed with the head of the school I am not allowed to use the website for my portfolio.

    On March 9th 2008 I got permission from Aled Owen to help with the new “HostBrickMovies.com” site and I do feel I am going to make good help. I have been given the task of working on the new Film Directory which will be a place for Brickfilmers to host films on the site without need of an FTP account.

    Oh and just to point out, I have had about 2 and a half years experience with phpBB2, which this site uses as Forum Software. I also understand how phpBB3 works too and if we were to upgrade the site to that (which hopefully won’t happen) I would be able to assist in the upgrade. I also understand the following software.

    FlexBB – I know for a fact this will be used for HostBrickMovies and I also know that LegosJedi is a developer on the project. I know this will not be used on Brickfilms.com but I just need to say that I know it. Well that’s actually a lie. I sort of know it, though I am still a learner. I will know it more in the future.

    WordPress – WordPress is tough to figure out, but I did it. I know WordPress and I love to use it.

    MyBB – Having used MyBB for the school network server at the school I work at a few years back I understand the coding and things required to integrate it.

    phpBB – Though I have already mentioned this, I use this software 8/10 when it comes to installing Forum Software I have learned how to use this software very efficiently and have created some plugins/themes for it.

    There are more, but that is all I am going to say, if you have any questions about this, please state them in the thread. Thanks for reading!



    You seem like someone worthy of this position, but I don’t know if the elections have started yet, I could be wrong.

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    I forgot to mention some of the changes I am going to make to the site.

    – If I am allowed, I will attempt to cut down on the ads, or at least reposition them to more nicer places. This hopefully wont affect the site finance.

    – I will change the resources page, making it quicker to load and a nicer site to look at. However, this is mainly the Minister of Resources’ job.

    – I am going to implement a modification onto phpBB2 so when a new job in the Ministry is placed, they will automatically get their own permissions set and a profile in the “About Page”.

    – Help other Ministers with their site related needs. Including other members.

    – Obviously, I will fix problems related to the site.

    I appear to have got alot of support in the chatroom at the moment. Thanks to everyone who supports me!



    I like the idea of letting Ministers create their own about pages and most of what you stated in your platform and that post, you have my full support, sir.

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    Hey, I’d run if TAAB didn’t like me, so I guess I’ll support you. If she does come out and say that I can run, I’ll do it. :P

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    I’m not sure you can just invent a position and nominate yourself for it. The one thing we know about the new owners is that they have tech people to do coding. That’s what Zane was doing before he got roped into this whole mess, and probably what he’d like to go back to doing as soon as possible. I think the elections are going to be purely for community management.

    You can fight me for the position of Minister of Dudes if you want. The burden of responsibility weighs heavily on me these days.


    Actually, it is a real position.
    I support you 100% percent, good luck on this term.

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    Lamp, do you have any plans for the patronages?

    How many of your plans can you actually made good on? Will the current owners allow you to move the ads to less obvious places, and decrease their advertising income?

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    Oh Aled, I have to pull out of the Books to Bricks contest, I don’t have enough time.

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    Dude, if brickfilms was rich, it could just use freeforums with all of the premium services, and it would look the same, it’s browser based, and you don’t need any code, and with premeumship, you get: aA lot of space, domain name, google hosted search engine, custum skin, custum smileis, and alot more! – :lol:

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