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March 15, 2008 at 10:29 pm #381156
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I want to be your next Minister of Broadcasting, in charge of the
official Brickfilms Podcast, and here is why I would be a good

What experience do I have relating to my desired ministry?

I am an active member of this site, and I regularly view films that
are added to the directory. Therefore, I know which films are among
[the best. I also watch some of the older films (ones that were
released many years), so I also have some knowledge of past

I also have an expierience with converting files. As you will see on
my website, I release my films in many different formats. I have
also converted about 18 brickfilms into PSP/iPod format for my own
viewing pleasure. Even though I have mainly converted films for my
PSP, I can resize the films to fit an iPod’s differently sized

I will admit this now: I have absolutely no coding knowledge. But,
that shall not be a problem in this ministry, as I have selected
Aled Owen to be my vice minister, because of his known expierience
in coding, and a reccomendation by StevieCollins. If I am elected,
Aled shall handle all of the coding (mainly designing and updating the website and RSS
feed/iTunes podcast page), while I shall be in charge of selecting
the films that will be featured, and converting them into an iPod

Now I know that Aled has misbehaved in the past, and is not
respected by many in this community, but I do trust StevieCollins,
who made the reccomendation for him to be vice minister. I also
believe that Aled’s behavior in forums will not impact how he can
handle the responsibilities that I shall give him, if I am elected. And if he does not do his job, I will search for a better replacement.

What are my ideas to expand or improve the Ministry?

In my opinion, the way the podcast is run does not need changing.
However, I will strive to make new editions of the podcast more
regular. If I am elected, I will try to post at least one new film
per month. That way, the podcast, and the brickfilm lovers that
subscribe to it (including myself), will not have to wait as long as
they did for a new podcast, as they had to before.

I will also not upload podcasts in rediculously huge sizes, such as
the 150+ megabyte version of Faithless, that crashed the
brickfilms.com server in June 2007.

What is my motivation for running for Minister of Broadcasting?

I feel that the Brickfilms Podcast has been the number one tool for
recruiting new brickfilmers, and a greater audience for our art. I
have been deeply saddened at the fact that the podcast has not been
active for almost a year, and I want to make sure that this once
great tool for brodcasting brickfilming to a greater audience, is

How much time would I be able to spend performing my duties as
Minister of Broadcasting?

I go on the internet every single day, and most of my time is spent
either on this site, or Schleaps’ new site. I also regularly watch
films that are released on the two forums, and I often make comments
about them. I have a lot of time on my hands, so there is no doubt
that I will be able to make regular podcasts.

How do I plan to find a new home website for the podcast?

This has been a major issue in the stability of the podcast, as the
brickfilmspodcast.com domain name did not transfer over to Schleaps’
(and this) administration. I would hope that upon being elected, our
new admin Zane Eastwood would kindly give me a subdomain on
brickfilms.com, in which to host the website (which will be designed
by Aled Owen), and the files. If this is not possible, I will use a
free service on Google, called Googlepages (you can check it out
here), to make the website,
and I will use my own hostbrickmovies.com FTP account, in order to
host all the files.

What will be my criteria for selecting films for the podcast?

I will choose films that are all around excellent brickfilms. I will
try my best to choose films that don’t just have stunning visuals,
but also an entertaining story. To demonstrate my point, I will
evaluate the BAFA nominees for Best Film.

Driven (by Lord_Of_The_LEGO): This one is a very close call, but I
would not put this film on the podcast. It is one of the most
technically superb brickfilms I have ever seen, but the plot simply
isn’t compelling enough to merit inclusion in the podcast.

America: Outlawed (by cannedgravy): This one would definetly get on
the podcast. Not only is it technically superb, but it also manages
to tell a complex western tale of escape. I simply loved watching
this film.

Little Guys! (by David Pagano): The verdict on this one is similar
to Driven. While it is very unique in the way it is presented (with
large scale characters and sets), I feel that it simply does not
have much of a plot, for it is mainly a commercial parody.

Hastings (by Night Owl): This film would also get in the podcast.
Like America Outlawed, it manages to tell an interesting story, this
time in 11th century England. It also has some of the best
cinematography I have seen in a brickfilm in a long time, great
sets, a superb musical score, and a thrilling battle scene. This
film won the Masterpieces of Brickfilming Contest, because it is
truly a masterpiece.

The Artist (By Mirko): This film would be yet another great addition
to the podcast. Not only does it posess great sets, and a musical
score that really adds to the film, but it manages to give a good
message without the use of dialog.

In conclusion, I would be a good choice to be your next minister of
broadcasting, because not only would I get new brickfilms on your
iPod/PSP on a regular basis, they would also be brickfilms that you
would want to keep on your iPod forever, and watch again and again.

-Munzapoppa, candidate for Minister of Broadcasting

March 15, 2008 at 10:33 pm #381159
Avatar of crod

Do you plan on supporting home entertainment systems at all?

March 15, 2008 at 10:43 pm #381164
Avatar of Stevie Collins
Stevie Collins

Whoa, now that’s a long platform.

I don’t know who to vote for still, but I think you have a great chance, you know what you’re doing.

Good luck.

-Stevie Collins ~ Candidate for Minister of Film Contests

March 15, 2008 at 10:44 pm #381166
Avatar of carson2250


March 15, 2008 at 10:52 pm #381171
Avatar of Munzapoppa

“crod” wrote: Do you plan on supporting home entertainment systems at all?

I do not know how to get them on TV, although you could use the new PSP (which has TV output), a PS3 or an Apple TV in order to play brickfilms from the podcast on your TV. I do not have any of these, however.

-Munzapoppa, Candidate for Minister of Broadcasting

May 4, 2008 at 1:06 am #388028
Avatar of Munzapoppa


I am officially back in the race! I’ll send Zane the PM tomorrow.


May 4, 2008 at 2:14 am #388031
Avatar of Eclipse Productions
Eclipse Productions

If I could, I might vote for you. As long as you get my voice acting done. Haha, just kidding.

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