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    Kapa –

    Here’s what I do.

    Make sure the background color is different than any other color in your image. This is the color that we will be making transparent.

    1. Go to File… Save for Web…

    2. Look in the Color Table that is on the right bottom side of the “Save for Web” box. This is where you will be making your color transparent.

    3. Choose the eyedropper from the tools in the top left corner. Its the fourth icon from the top.

    4. With the eyedropper, click on the background of your image. The color will have a black outline on it in the Color Table.

    5. Now click on the icon that is farthest left underneath the color table.

    6. Save now with the button near the top. You’re all set!



    To make a gif tranparent in Photoshop, just leave the area you want to be transparent with nothing on it (so you can see the grid behind the picture). Then choose save as and set the file type to .gif. When the little settings window pops up, there will be a button labled transparent to click.

    btw, LEGO HULK HAPPY! :mrgreen:



    man, talk about stealing my thunder.
    I’ve already been creating several more mini-fig-emoticons as part of my “new site” enthusiasm.
    *sigh* oh well, nice work anyway.



    😯 Hey man, we still wanna see em!



    Ack! Sorry Blunt! Now I remember you telling me now that you were making them. Oh well, there’s definitely room for more. There’s like 3 spots for each “emotion” so it’s entirely possible to have parallel emoticons. Plus, I think you can add more if you want.



    “TheWhiteDragonLBP” wrote: Of course I’m ok with it. Making it to a into a forum’s preset smilies is about the highest an emoticon can go (exept going into an instant messanger :wink )

    With MSN Messenger 6, this has become reality. Unfortunately, Bluntman’s emoticons need to be adjusted (the last palette entry has to be set to something different from black, if you know what I mean), or they won’t work. Also, there’s no animation.

    Stefan :mrgreen:



    OKAY, so the timing of my planned release of these smilies had been pushed forward… I WAS planning to unleash them when the new site went live… oh well, time to seize this oppourtunity 🙂

    now, some of these aare brand spankin new, some are rehashed “lego-ized” versions of classics that have been around the net for years, and some are from my “personal stash” that I had been keeping for my use only, but it’s time to share them now.


    Kapaluchi Studios

    those emotions are awesome.

    that one is my favorite



    They look pretty good! 😀
    Can I use some on my new php forum please…?



    *Falls over in dead awe*

    Those are so… so… good!

    Is that one supposed to be Lara Croft?

    If so, you know that an Indy one is next!

    Hmm, that didn’t quite come out right.

    Ah well. I love Brickfilming!

    And thank goodness I don’t have ‘puter probs…

    Yes. This has been the spammiest spam I’ve spammed about in a long time. But somebody has to praise these emoticons!

    Yolegoman, whose cool

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 111 total)

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