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    “Kapaluchi Studios” wrote: does anyone know how to make a gif animation that is transparent instead of an image?

    1. Open Adobe ImageReady (assuming that that was installed with your Photoshop). Open your animation project or the gif that you need to transparent-ize the background on.

    2. The third box down on the right side of the screen should have the tabs Rollovers, Color Table, and Layer Options. Select “Color Table”.
    If the box is blank (no colors are displayed), click the little hazard sign (yellow triangle with ! mark) that’s near the bottom-left of that box. It should load your colors if it hasn’t already.

    4. Click the color you want to make transparent on your animation. After it’s selected with a black border, click the small checkerboard button at the bottom of the box. Voila!

    Hope that works for ya’.

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    Poor Revvy just can’t keep up with the flow of moticons…

    Maybe I should get into the business, lol.


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    Not like he needs to add all these (it would be cool though!).

    I’m just doing these because I love doing graphics art and need some reviewing and critique. I think a lot of people enjoy looking at them too (and I hope so cause that dragon took me a while).



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    yea they are great dude! maybe you can make all of weirdears films for him to occupy your time :lol: they’ll never get done anyway hehe really dude they are good

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    I don’t have THAT MUCH time! :shock: :o :?

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    hehe 8)

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    Hey Z, since you ditched the first dragon, is it ok if I have him in my sig?

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    thank you for the wonderful gif animation transparency tutorial z-studios; I appreciate it very much.

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    WhiteDragon – Sure, go right ahead! If you’d rather use this, you may, but you don’t have to. I just thought it fit you better.

    Kapa- You’re very welcome, any time.

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    I just find out some nice icons , take a look!


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