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    If you are entering FAR. say it so we know what competition we all have.

    I hereby declare that I, Meatloafmania12, am a condender in the FAR brickfilms.com 2008 contest. amen. :D

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    I’m gonna try for it.

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    I’m in. Hopefully.


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    I intend to enter. However I have only just begun filming. So this will be a challenge.

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    I am in the same position as Smeagol, apart from that I haven’t even started filming! Oh dear.

    However, I have a week off school coming up next week. I’m saved!


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    I’m intending to enter FAR too. For anyone who’s interested, I’m about halfway through filming, and I’m starting to build the set for the 3rd out of 4 scenes. Luckily, I have a 4 day weekend off in a week. I do hope I can finish it by the deadline.

    -Munzapoppa, who’s excited to see the films made for this contest

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    I want to enter FAR, but I am still awaiting lines from my main actor, but I don’t think that’s going to turn out so great. Also, I wanted to use my Powershot, but I had to send it back. So I don’t know what I’m going to do right now.

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    I just put a try out for your FAR Littlebrick. I wasn’t sure if you still needed actors or not.

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    I wanted to go for FAR, but considering I haven’t scripted the thing yet, it’s not likely it’s going to happen. Plus, I may stall it until I get my new animation setup fully…set up (and hopefully a new camera).

    I dunno, we’ll see, but don’t count on it.


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    I’m considering entering Far, but I don’t have high hopes on getting a good prize, or any prize. The entry will be my second brikfilm ever.

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