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    i think this is kinda cool..

    http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/olson … os/far.jpg

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    can you see that image? i think i messed up the link…?

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    I have noticed there is something weird with the BBcode so it is taking a while for the code you type to actually work. Just wait, and if it doesn’t work by tommorrow, just post the link without the “img” tags.

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    Profile photo of Hazzat

    (The background image here is really hi-res, so I can make it a lot bigger.)
    It’s pretty basic. I might make another super mind-blowing one.

    If I can be bothered.

    (White FTW!)
    (Or Schocklading!)
    (Or me!)

    [spoiler=Here’s another one][/spoiler]

    You’ve completely lost respect for me now, haven’t you?

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    Whoa! Hazzat’s first one looks pretty good. :)

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    Profile photo of Littlebrick

    The problem with Hazzat’s is it only reflects the Rivalries part of the contest. The image should reflect both.

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    Here’s mine:

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    Well, I know it won’t Win, But Simple is Best. If i don’t win. I will Try win Something Else lol. Here it is.

    Umm… How do i Post a Picture? :P[/code][/spoiler]

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    Upload the image to an image hosting site, copy/paste the direct link it should provide you, and put it in between these: there ya go.

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    Profile photo of Hazzat

    If that’s too complicated, just give us a link.

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 69 total)
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