FIG – Time to Vote!

OK, there are only 13 submissions for FIG so we're skipping the nominations process and heading straight to voting. In the interest of speed and fairness, I'm going to simplify things a little this time.

If you are a 24fps, digital, or saintly patron, and you have NOT submitted a FIG entry, brickfilms is asking you to vote to help decide this contest. Here's how to do it:

In each of the following three categories, please choose your five favorite films. Please indicate which is your most favorite for each category, and then list the other four. So, for each category you will choose a first place and four runners up.

The three judging categories are:

1) Story - Originality, characters, dialogue, plot.
2) Theme - how much you feel the film portrays the idea of fame, infamy, or glory
3) Presentation - Animation, sound, lighting, cinematography, set design, etc.

So an example ballot would look like this:
"Brickfilms Voter" wrote: Hey Rev, here are my votes:

Fave) The Battle of New Orleans - Reverend Menacer Studios
Pick) Good Company Redux - Hali
Pick) Cognizance 2 - KG
Pick) Cognizance 3 - Weirdears
Pick) That Apollo Movie - Jarrah White

Fave) Good Company Redux - Hali
Pick) That Apollo Movie - Jarrah White
Pick) COTY - Watson
Pick) A New Computer - Eventide
Pick) Cognizance 3 - Weirdears

Fave) Gold! - Weirdears
Pick) Good Company Redux - Hali
Pick) That Apollo Movie - Jarrah White
Pick) A New Computer - Eventide
Pick) COTY - Watson

Please send these e-mails to with the subject line "FIG Voting from [your username here]"

These are the films, in alphabetical order. Make sure you've seen each of them at least a couple time and considered them carefully.

15 Minutes - Ace Ricardo
The Battle of Bjorn Ironside - Captain Bulldog
Control - Erlic Empires
Edison - High Tower
Beast - Lord of the LEGO
Dino Crises - Matt Gillan
To Strive for Fame - MindGame
The Man with the Top Hat - Nick Durron
Grace - Nosniborus
Climb So High - Shale
Breathless - White
The Curse - Yellowink
Fortunately Rejected - Yo-Blob

Please vote fairly, and vote soon!