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    If you can post what films were yours, I can add them back into the directory. Please include whether you want to give a link to an already existing YouTube movie for the film, or whether you want it uploaded to the channel. I can also move back all of the reivews and ratings, so don’t worry about that.

    It is easiest for us to just have a link to the youtube channel. Also, if you have a new location for the downloadable film, please let me know. Feel free to post a vimeo link, I can start trying to incorporate those as well.

    Sometime next week you should be able to update the descriptions on/delete all of your films.

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    90% of the members who posted thier film in the directory are not here anymore 😉


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    Also, if someone can tell me where to find the following ‘Directors’ from the old directory, that would be very helpful as well – they were not given an associated user ID. If you happen to know where they are or talk to them at all, can you ask if they’d resubmit their films to the directory?

    Patryk Wawer Found
    Mike Yacullo
    Florian Plag
    James Hagewood, Tim McNutt, Bert McMahan, Ryan Phi
    David Krupicz
    Titan Pictures Found
    Oliver Baentsch
    Slipstream Pictures
    Philip Heinrich
    Robert Taylor
    Nathan Sutherland
    Colin Jones
    Bryce Chu
    Thomas Foote
    Kevin ‘Zaph’ Burfitt
    Kelly Jeffery and Russ Gatrell
    Q. Allan Brocka
    Steve Iervolino
    Greg Perry
    Jason Bandis
    James Dilbeck
    CyberDyne Pictures
    Thomas Lean
    Ben B. Egoless Productions
    Trent Brown
    Strati Pictures
    JarJar Productions
    Penguins are Fat Movie Productions
    BM Studios
    SajoWorks Productions
    Daniel Crocker
    Sebastian Socha
    Ida Moller
    Johannes Rojola
    Joe Loretz
    Sean Collins
    Thomas and Wolfgang
    Tim Shanks
    Marcel Belledin
    Sammy Dittman
    Bob Bongo
    Carlos Eduardo Jorge
    Crazy Hobo Films
    Jonathan Neary
    Alban Nanty
    Marcel Klapschus
    Dan Bell
    Chris G
    David Clough
    Doug Green
    Greg Gates
    Jason Allemann and Deane VanLuven
    Mike and Katie Lewis
    Seth Rotkin
    Sam and Woody Atwood
    Russ Jensen
    Ben Matthew
    Zach Stanley
    Rod Kent
    Tim Drage and Tony Mines
    Robert Thomas
    Joona Poikonen
    Payton Ware
    Jay Docherty
    Andy Thornbery
    Ivo van Poorten
    Alex Suter
    Jim Maruschak
    Steve Putz
    CJ Doss
    Brian Schimke
    Stefanie Herzer
    Kris Jacobson
    Daniel and Tim Nice
    Tony Seibel
    AMS Productions
    Gorillo Productions
    Dave Voltaggio & Joe Evangelista
    Dennis Bolk
    Smeagol Studios
    Markus Bacher

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    “Weasley” wrote: 90% of the members who posted thier film in the directory are not here anymore 😉


    I noticed – I did send a bulk email out (two actually, the first one was a mistake – apparently the previous coder decided to link the films to a seperate director table rather than a user so a bunch of people got some really random emails!). Hopefully they’ll respond back with even a ‘yeah, you can repost our film’.

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    Well, there’s at least one person you won’t get a response from. Tjeerd Kamps died a couple of years ago.

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    I was just informed of that via a reply email.. I’ll take him off the list. Very sorry to hear that by the way. Would it be inappropriate to add the film back into the directory?

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    Your email list is still a bit out of whack. I got an email asking me to re-upload “Martian Gothic”, which I had nothing to do with. I had a quick look at the link you provided and the director of that is Patryk Wawer, one of the names on your list up there. He’s also Titan Pictures. His email address is at the bottom of that page I linked to – I won’t post it here because it’ll be harvested by various bots and he’ll be spammed forever more.

    Philip Heinrich/Smeagol Studios is Smeagol here.
    Tim Drage & Tony Mines are Spite Your Face.
    I recognise a few of the other names but don’t know contact details.

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    Thanks, and yeah the list is still a little out of wack, but thats the last time it’ll be used.. more or less a quick job to try and get an email out there to people (on a side note, to those who got an email about uploading a film that you had nothing to do with, I appologize).

    Thanks for the info.

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    Minor update in the post above.

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    “Weasley” wrote: 90% of the members who posted thier film in the directory are not here anymore 😉


    Out of the remaining 10%, I would have thought that at least 9% won’t want their films re posted.

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