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    What with recent events, I call upon all brickfilmers to break the links to their films in the directory by means of protest at the farcical events of the last few weeks. This need only be temporary or permanent, it’s up to you.

    – Legoman

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    /me waits for this thread to get locked…

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    I worked so hard getting my 3 films into the directory, as soon as I’m sure they will be placed back in the new one, they are staying there.

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    Ah… no. That won’t prove anything.


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    There’s no point in removing your films from the directory, that’s ridiculous. More people look at the directory and the front page than EVER look in the forums, so removing films from that kind of exposure would be a very foolish move.

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    well faithless has been stuffed for a while :(

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    “Dave” wrote: Ah… no. That won’t prove anything.


    Yes, it will. If you don’t support this site any more, it makes total sense to leave and take your property with you. Quality films are one of the few reasons one would visit this site (and thus see the ads and the like), and if you wish for the site to crash and burn, this is the least you could do. This will make an even greater impact should a competing site enter the scene.

    Depending on how things pan out, I’m not sure I’m going to bother releasing any future brickfilms of mine on this site. Assuming I finish any, of course.

    Cometgreen, who hates to agree with someone that can’t spell withdrawal

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    What I meant, Comet, is that if we want things to change, pulling films isn’t really going to do anything.



    This was a bad idea. When I saw all of our leaders walking out this morning, I thought we were finished. I was leaving. But now I look at it, I still thinks there’s something to be had from this place. We might be leaderless and have a rather incompetent landlord, but we’ve seen worse.

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    Legoman, you’re simply an idiot. Go grab the pitchforks and round up the village people. Somethings changed and you don’t like it. Kill the new thing. Kill it now!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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